1. Cheree
    @ 8:39 pm

    I wouldn’t use it to cook, I’d use it to hit hubby over the head when he didn’t do what he’s told!


  2. Anonymous
    @ 12:17 pm

    Braised Steak and Onions because that was my mum’s favorite recipe to cook in her Bessemer pan. Sadly the pan went missing when she died,


  3. Anonymous
    @ 1:30 pm

    I’d cook Chow Mein – currently I cook Chow Mein in an electric skillet, that flicks the circuit breaker EVERY time – too much excitement at dinnertime!


  4. Fiona kate
    @ 1:52 am

    quesadillas! for the 6 us perfect for an easy friday night dinner and everyone loves them


  5. Katarina
    @ 9:39 am

    A dream come true, a pan that doesn’t stick, the possibilities are endless…I would use it morning, noon and night 🙂


  6. Jasmine1485
    @ 9:55 am

    Frypan pizza! I attempted it for the first time and I had to use a cake stand as a lid for my battered old frypan.


  7. Leesa Lynn
    @ 11:49 pm

    Oh what I could cook….. I’m sick of bad frypans and we use them alot. Bacon & eggs springs to mind, only because my hubby cooks it for me so any rest for me is worth it!!


  8. Jenny B.
    @ 1:08 pm

    A two-stage Bessemer masterpiece…

    French crepes using the fry pan, then sandwiched in layers with chocolate orange butter and ‘baked’. MAGNIFIQUE!

    Salivating already…


  9. Candice
    @ 6:58 am

    I would give it to my Hubby so he can cook ME Chicken Schnitzel without half of it left stuck in the pan 🙂


  10. Sharna
    @ 8:27 am

    i would have to cook something i saw Manu cook today on boys weekend… the apple tart tant it looks amazing… just apples, caramel and a bit of pastry he made it look so easy… maybe it was the accent!


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