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The best part of being 5’10 (175 cm) and a size 14/16 is that I can shop just about anywhere…. well as much as a curvy, tall female can.

I love the fact I can shop at all different stores, as well as some ‘plus size’ stores. It’s odd because ‘plus size’ is being described as a female who is a size 12 or over now. The average Australian woman is a size 14, so how a size 12-16 is ‘plus sized’ is beyond my comprehension. I think any female can be beautiful and fashionable without being labelled for the size they are.


One of my favourite stores is Dream Diva. The ladies at Dream Diva really know how to dress a ladies curves, with stylish, flattering, fashionable, quality pieces available in sizes 14-26.

As Dream Diva says  “We have exploded the myth that bigger girls want to hide their curves… or that the cut of a plus size garment needs to be shapeless.

As far as we are concerned a fashion garment bought by a girl who wears a size 24 is no different to one bought by a girl who wears a size 10.They both have the same desires and aspirations …they just wear different size clothes.

We travel the world several times a year so that we can always make available to you the latest fashion trends and styles. You will always be able to have the very latest looks made to enhance and flatter your figure.”


I must say, Dream Diva’s customer service is second to none. Nothing is ever a problem and the attention to each customer’s needs is something most stores need to aspire to. Online delivery usually takes a few days, maximum. The professional service and speed of delivery is phenomenal!


  I have bought numerous pieces from Dream Diva including jeans (Dream Diva have the most amazingly flattering jeans!), tops, a dress and two jackets.


Here is a picture of  two of my latest additions:


Stretch denim straight leg jean $89 (I bought two pairs!) and Stripe Kimono sleeve top $69.

I just have to write about these jeans. They are so flattering! I swear two other ladies saw them on me, when I was trying them on in the store and bought the jeans themselves. When you find jeans that fit you comfortably and look amazing, always grab at least two pairs!

I live in jeans, so they are more or less my daily uniform. So cost per wear, I would definitely get my monies worth out of these. I have also worn the jeans out to dinner with heels, an evening top, jacket and heels and they looked fantastic! A good pair of jeans should be able to take you from day into night with a change of top, shoes and accessories.

Here is what else I bought:


Clockwise from left: Contrast side panel pant $69, Ruched sleeve top $39 and Ribbon detail skirt $29.

The Contrast side panel pant are incredibly comfortable. I have been wearing them with the stripe kimono sleeve top (above) and they look great with an oversized white shirt.

I can’t wait for the weather to warm up, so I can wear the ribbon detail skirt with the ruched green top. How cute will they look together?

As well as gorgeous casual outfits, Dream Diva have a wide range of after five outfits, which would be perfect for the Spring Racing Carnival and end of year gatherings.


If you would like more information on Dream Diva, check out their website:

or their Facebook page:

* I was given a pair of jeans and the kimono sleeve top for editorial consideration as per our Disclosure Policy.

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4 thoughts on “W.S.S loves: Dream Diva

  1. For Christ’s sake put the disclaimer at the top and in your tweets!

    1. As this wasn’t a sponsored post, there isn’t a requirement to disclose anything.

      Also, as we were gifted items, we disclose this at the end of the post, even though we aren’t required to do so.

      If you would like to read more information on what constitutes a sponsored post, you can read Nikki from Styling You’s guide here:

      As per Nikki’s guide, we declared the gifted items at the BOTTOM of the post.

  2. To “Fed Up” – As I was the person who gifted Kellie the jeans and top, we chose Kellie to come in and see our new range as part of our customer loyalty program, and as she was purchasing quite a lot of other garments, we decided to gift/reward her for her constant love of the brand with a pair of jeans and a top. She is a valued Dream Diva customer, it was a total surprise and bonus that she published this article on her great blog!

    We just valued her as our customer first.


  3. Great article, one of my favourite places to purchase clothes. I love their jeans too. Hope you put up some selfies with the other clothes you purchased when you finally wear them.

    *******Since when do you have to put a disclaimer at the top.


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