1. Fed up
    @ 9:39 pm

    For Christ’s sake put the disclaimer at the top and in your tweets!


    • Editor
      @ 11:06 am

      As this wasn’t a sponsored post, there isn’t a requirement to disclose anything.

      Also, as we were gifted items, we disclose this at the end of the post, even though we aren’t required to do so.

      If you would like to read more information on what constitutes a sponsored post, you can read Nikki from Styling You’s guide here:

      As per Nikki’s guide, we declared the gifted items at the BOTTOM of the post.


  2. Michelle
    @ 1:19 pm

    To “Fed Up” – As I was the person who gifted Kellie the jeans and top, we chose Kellie to come in and see our new range as part of our customer loyalty program, and as she was purchasing quite a lot of other garments, we decided to gift/reward her for her constant love of the brand with a pair of jeans and a top. She is a valued Dream Diva customer, it was a total surprise and bonus that she published this article on her great blog!

    We just valued her as our customer first.



  3. Bettina Wilson
    @ 2:15 pm

    Great article, one of my favourite places to purchase clothes. I love their jeans too. Hope you put up some selfies with the other clothes you purchased when you finally wear them.

    *******Since when do you have to put a disclaimer at the top.



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