1. april
    @ 4:33 am

    All of the above – although luckily have the pickiest kids in the worlds so dinner is Pasta, or pancakes, or salad and thats it. Always homebrand or supermarket brand everything (it really is just the same) and always what is on special but only if it is cheaper than the homebrand.
    Always making a list, being willing to compromise – ie. not just using one brand of washing powdrr, but the cheapest. This is one of those occasions when ingredient lists on products are great – for soap and washing powder – if they match then all should be well- what else, lots of home baking instead of buying snacks and realsing (especially this summer) than one of those plastic icy pole tubes (worth about 25cents) makes a good desert of kids, which they are happy with.
    Oh and having a budget and sticking to it. we do $150 a wekk for 4.
    Shopping at markets for fruit and veg works well too. Much cheaper. As does a mainly vegetarian household. – love your fruit idea though :)and the websites or recipes.


  2. Rachael
    @ 9:50 am

    I have cut my grocery bills in more than half recently. And my husband and son actually like our weekly menu’s MORE now than before.
    We have reduced the amount of meat we are eating. Upped the legumes, upped the tofu, upped the seafood and really upped the vegetables. I Cook most everything from scratch -from our satay sauces to our ice creams and cakes.

    Basically I really only buy whole foods. I can avoid Coles all together and shop at the fruit market, the fish shop, butcher and deli. Excluding top ups of bread, milk and eating out we spend less than $400 a month on groceries now.


  3. joanne
    @ 2:54 am

    Fruit trees are great to help cut the grocery bill, and your own vegie patch. Friend with huge lemon tree swaps lemons for vegies at the local vegie shop.


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