1. Cheree
    @ 2:00 am

    The Celebrity Theatre will probably be my favourite! If I get to go I’ll let you know!


  2. candy
    @ 5:05 am

    i cannot wait to eat my way from one end to the other and try all new things, and stock up up my vinegars , oils and rubs, pick me pick me


  3. Sharna
    @ 11:12 pm

    My favourite thing about the food and wine show it is something mum and i do together, it is our bonding time, and we love the celebrity theatre we learn so much!


  4. nellbe
    @ 12:30 pm

    spending the day tasting, drinking and learning. Oh and seeing my favourite chef, Tobie Puttock 🙂


  5. K
    @ 10:18 pm

    It would have to be the demonstrations I love cooking and I love new gadgets


  6. bec
    @ 12:05 pm

    I have never been before and would love the opportunity to experience it with my mum for some bonding time. Also learn a lot of different things along the way.


  7. BeccyLou
    @ 1:30 am

    I imagine it would be able to have a HOT coffee, without constantly being interrupted by MUUUUUMMMMM!! Also learning some new tricks for healthy and fun eating for me and the kids…oh and the cook books…oh and the chocolate…oh and the food…oh and the celebrity cooks….oh and…..everything


  8. Oh Gorgeous Baby
    @ 11:27 am

    I have never attended before but I seen the ad on TV and said to hubby we should go! He is a great cook and works in the industry but has never got his form qualifications. I am trying to convince him to contact a UNI to persue it further and I hope attending the show would help me!

    The celeb chefs and the chocolate and the coffee will get me hooked!


  9. runwezzarun
    @ 1:32 am

    Not worrying about the diet for the day and being an absolute wine and cheese glutton!


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