1. eastwitching.com
    @ 12:39 pm

    Oh dear me – this is truly insane. I saw a similar programme on the BBC 2 weeks ago and the patients were literally mounds of wobbling jelly that could hardly talk after being taken off the table after the procedure! Why!!!


  2. EmmaK
    @ 5:25 pm

    The only painful thing I can remember is always getting gel nails (not painful) but one time the nail woman filed the skin too hard and for a week I had a massive pussy swollen up nail infection but crazy as I am I still get my nails gone professionally.


  3. Janet Camilleri
    @ 11:28 am

    That photo of Kim K is hideous. I’m sure she doesn’t need to do that to her face!

    And I agree – threading – yyyyyeeeeeeeOUUUUCHH! My sis says I’m a sook but give my waxing or plucking any day over that!


  4. whatsinemmasbrain
    @ 1:07 am

    I’m with you on the eyebrows thing, I had mine waxed, but what felt like hours of plucking ensued, The plucking left me with rainbow bruises for weeks! I will never go back.


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