1. Christine
    @ 3:48 am

    I bought 2 new bras and matching undies, a new dress (please don’t fall over as I never wear a dress!!) and I attended a purse party the other night and bought a new purse and a cute pair of ear rings. A couple of weeks ago I added 2 new shirts to my wardrobe…couldn’t find much else (I need new cloths so badly!!) which is so frustrating for me as I really dislike shopping. :p

    I also went through all my capris and jeans and put aside all the ones that don’t fit anymore and brought out all the smaller sized ones!!

    I’m losing weight, gaining boobs and feeling pretty good about both!! 🙂

    Your haul looks fabulous!!


  2. Stacey
    @ 4:40 am

    Ooh I am LOVING these dresses!

    I definately take time for myself but have never considered a day outing like that, so will be putting that on the ‘self’ list…

    Good on your for putting yourself first and recognising the need to rechrage the batteries! Thanks for sharing and btw, links for the dresses please!


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