1. Jacki
    @ 11:27 pm

    Too true!! I think the Mum mantra should be – do whatever works for you. No judgement, no competition.


  2. Be A Fun Mum
    @ 4:44 am

    Absolutely! One: I’ve had two easy babies and two REALLY HARD babies. I can tell you that if I could have had ten of the easy babies. Well, maybe not ten 😉 But you are right, the point is do what is best for you and your family because no one knows you or your baby better than you!

    I had one mother, who had a TERRIBLE first natural birth experience who felt so guilty about wanting a c-section. I said to her not to feel guilty but be informed and then make the best decision for her and her family and don’t feel like you have to defend youself. You know what? In the end, she choose to have a natural birth and it went well, but until she accepted having a c-section, she couldn’t be clear about what she wanted to do. It just goes to show that we, as mothers, often know best. Trust your gut I say.


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