Red carpet fashion finds

The entertainment industry awards season is underway and don’t we love viewing the gorgeous red carpet fashion from the most exclusive designers in the world on our favourite celebrities? The clothes worn to award events such as the Oscars and the Golden Globes consistently receive intense worldwide media scrutiny, making their red carpets an international… Read More Red carpet fashion finds


Awaken Your Incredible

As regular readers will know, we here at Mummy of Style and Substance are very much into the power of positive thinking and tapping into your own personal power. You are the only person who can awaken your best self. Having said that, I am quite happy Weight Watchers have tapped into positive thinking with… Read More Awaken Your Incredible


It’s in the stars

Sponsored “It’s written in the stars!” which is what people exclaim when good things happen to them. So there must be some good in knowing what is in store for you and your future. Don’t you think? I must admit I am rather guilty of reading my astrology reports to see what is in store… Read More It’s in the stars

Hair & Beauty

How to: Wavy chignon

Thanks to Herbal Essences, we show you how to achieve a gorgeous, sexy wavy chignon. Perfect for hot weather. So easy and so chic! Follow the steps below to achieve the Wavy Chignon: Wash hair with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo and conditioner. Top Tip: Give your hair an extra treat with the Herbal Essences… Read More How to: Wavy chignon