New batteries required

  You know when something doesn’t feel right and isn’t sitting well with you? For the last week,  this has been me. I have been feeling a tad off. I had been tired but that is nothing new. With working, the kids, a house to run etc being tired is nothing new to me. I’ve… Read More New batteries required

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Making Time for Living

In the fast pace lives of everyday living in 2013, we seem even more stressed and over committed than ever before. Even though we have useful gadgets in the modern age to make our lives simpler, our lives seem to have become more and more complicated, over scheduled and over worked. This isn’t just adults… Read More Making Time for Living

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Mummy Guilt

As women, I think we have a built in gene from when we were born to feel guilty about everything… Are we doing our jobs well enough?, Do we spend enough time with our family, friends, loved ones?, Did we study hard enough?, Are we doing enough exercise?, Am I taking the right vitamins (do… Read More Mummy Guilt