We are off to Sea World Resort

Gifted On Saturday, thanks to Sea World, we are off to the newly refurbished Sea World Resort for a well-earned break and some much needed sunshine. Melbourne has had their longest cold snap in twenty years and we seriously need some vitamin D! Of course, I will be filling you in via Twitter, the Mummy… Read More We are off to Sea World Resort



Sometimes, it can be easy to forget how lucky we truly are with the lives we have. A few friends have been having a hard time of late and it does bring you back to reality pretty quickly. One friend and her family were homeless for a few weeks after not being able to successfully… Read More Gratitude

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Paying it forward

 Giveaway   As you may know, last September on Father’s Day I lost my mother to an aggressive form of breast cancer. In her honour, I support the three major breast cancer charities in Australia; NBCF, BCNA and the McGrath Foundation. You might also know that during the month of October, it was Breast Cancer… Read More Paying it forward


David Jones Swimwear 2013.

Giveaway   Unlike the rest of the country, it has been quite cool here in Melbourne (we have only had a handful of days over 25 degrees this month) and we are looking forward to the weather heating up. Hot days, balmy nights, beach, pool, bbqs, cocktails, summer fruits is there anything we don’t love… Read More David Jones Swimwear 2013.

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Why buy cordless?

Why buy cordless? The advantage of cordless power tools Whether you are a contractor, a do-it-yourself expert, or a go getter with a knack for fixer-uppers, there’s no denying that power tools have made completing the task so much easier and quicker to do. It used to be the case where most modern workshops were… Read More Why buy cordless?


Fight the Flu at Work

Illness is a workplace bane. The flu is one of the worst, with the germs radiating throughout a closed air conditioning system and many people working in close quarters you’re going to have to take a few special steps to avoid falling ill. Here are some things you can do to manage these problems, and… Read More Fight the Flu at Work