Kids & Parenting

Complacent parenting?

I was reading an article yesterday regarding a shopping centre needing to put up a notice to ask parents to stop their children from screaming and to think of the people around them. There wasn’t any malice to the notice, it was simply asking parents to be responsible for their children and to be considerate… Read More Complacent parenting?


Sussan launches maternity range

Sussan have turned their best selling denim, leggings and essential tees into the perfect maternity pieces that can be layered back with pieces from their main collection. Available exclusively online, find out more here: Aren’t they gorgeous looks? I wish the collection had been around when I was pregnant with the boys!


Healthy body, Healthy mind

We know exercise is good for us, not just physically for our hearts, keeping osteoporosis at bay, lowing our risk of diabetes and cancers but mentally as well, reducing depression and stress from the ‘feel good’ hormones, endorphin’s, released in our bodies from exercise.While those who exercise know that the release of endorphin’s feels good, many do not… Read More Healthy body, Healthy mind

Food, House & Garden

Trelise Cooper at home

Upon receiving the Ezibuy email newsletter this morning  (I have bought a few pieces of clothing and numerous home wares from Ezibuy), I was expecting the usual clothing specials or latest releases for the upcoming season. This time… Not so! The email was all about news of the new Trelise Cooper Home Collection. The collection is… Read More Trelise Cooper at home


Lovers Romantic Getaway

Every now and then you just need to get away from it all, with the one you love, and completely forget about the world. I’m sounding somewhat like a Snow Patrol song, aren’t I? As a Redballoon experience blogger, I was asked to pick from the vast menu of experiences RedBalloon has to offer. For us,… Read More Lovers Romantic Getaway