1. Mish
    @ 5:24 am

    Great tips Kellie!
    Can I also throw in a few pelvic floor contractions??? Strengthening your pelvic floor is not only vital , but it helps activate your transverse abdominal muscle (the muscle responsible for returning your lower abdominal back into shape and providing much needed support for your lower back).
    If your PT or fitness instructor is making you do exercise that is causing


  2. Homemakermummy
    @ 2:38 am

    Seriously right on! I use to feel like I had to keep up with other mums when I had my first, & was in my 20's. Now I'm planning my fourth & I think the more children you have as you go along you also get older & wiser & realize what truly is important. That is your health & mentality + their health & well being. Mums don't need to be told – life & aging


  3. SusanPAus
    @ 10:43 pm

    Learn to largely ignore and laugh at all the magazine articles that tell you how clever celebrity mums are. They have nannies, personal trainers and a raft of additional support. They aren't in your real world so take their examples as perhaps a small inspiration not worth taking overly seriously.


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