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Tara Dennis – DIY Pom Pom Decoration

Tara Dennis - DIY Pom Pom Decoration

Better Homes and Garden’s DIY and craft guru, , shows us make gorgeous pom pom decorations, which are perfect for Summer parties and bbq’s or simply adding some colour to a room (they look great in an office/study or bedroom).

Tara is one of television’s most recognised faces and has been presenting , style and craft segments continuously for over fifteen years.

Tara Dennis - DIY Pom Pom Decoration

Beginning at Channel Nine on shows such as Our House, Changing Rooms, Burkes Backyard, DIY Rescue and Renovation Rescue, Tara is now completing her seventh year at Channel Seven as part of the team on the well loved TV show Better Homes & Gardens.

In conjunction with her TV commitments, Tara runs a busy design studio and, along with her team, has just launched her second homewares collection.

Tara hand paints and prints original designs and these are reproduced on to beautiful, practical items for around the home. Her ranges can be found at stores nationally as well as independent retailers.

Tara has published a book called Home where she shares her styling secrets and tips on colour and decorating and is currently working on a new title which incorporates her love of all things handmade.

Tara continues to share her passion speaking regularly at industry exhibitions and events, conducting public demonstrations and educational talks.

Tara also has a wonderful website  which continues to grow in size and popularity and is packed full of decorating and craft ideas as well as styling advice.

Interior Design expert, Tara Dennis, loves the idea of recreating a room with the simple use of pom poms – a popular and affordable decorating idea to cheerfully brighten up any party or room in your home. Made from tissue paper, these precious pom poms are easy to make, provide the perfect pieces to decorate your home, wrap a gift or decorate a table centrepiece. Oh so pretty!


You’ll need:
Tissue paper
Sharp scissors
Small wire cutters

Tara Dennis - DIY Pom Pom Decoration

How to make:
1. Layer your tissue paper together (around 7 or 8 sheets) and cut to size. As a guide, ours measure approx 25cm by 17cm.

2. Keeping all of the layers together, neatly fold the paper ‘accordian’ style, like folding a paper fan. Trim the ends into a rounded point.

3. Wrap a small piece of wire around the center of the folded paper and twist a few times to secure.

4. Thread a piece of ribbon under the wire for hanging later.

5. Holding the folded paper in the middle, carefully separate each layer one at a time pulling gently towards you. Once the layers have all been separated, give the pom pom a light shake to add volume. Hang using the ribbon.

And voila! Gorgeous pom pom decorations! What do you think?

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Tara Dennis - DIY Pom Pom Decoration

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