1. Erika
    @ 12:22 pm

    Great article! I loved it


    • Stephen bayano
      @ 3:45 pm

      I read through this article and it’s great, I wonder why some ladies won’t appreciate their bodies the way it is rather than trying to impress a man by wearing all sorts. If a man is after you cos of your shape it won’t last for long #ladies take note


  2. Tyonna Hall
    @ 12:01 pm

    Okay I have to agree then I disagree because I want to waist trainer and enhance my butt for my self confidence. I also so know that just wearing it around won’t do so I will exercise and maintain a healthy diet. To be honest I would rather do this than plastic surgery which is way worse. I also know that if I over train myself I will damage my body instead of helping. One thing I’ve learned to have self control, discipline, patience and to do things in moderation. Trust me I don’t care what the society morals are about what a woman is supposed to look like but I also how it feels to desire an hourglass figure. I truly feel that beauty is skin deep but it should never be as important as the person inside.


    • Cassie
      @ 12:21 pm

      I totally agree with your comment!


  3. Lilly
    @ 3:33 am

    I do love the body im in. But i feel like wearing the butt lift will help my confidence a little.. ive always been insecure about how my body looked. Especially my butt area. I want my butt to look more round. Im hoping that wearing my butt lift will help. Im also hoping that if i wear my butt lift for a month or two, that when i stop wearing it, my butt will be more round and look bigger without me wearing it. Will that work?


  4. Stephanie Lynn Gamble
    @ 2:45 am

    Those butt bra do give your booty a pop, and there is nothing wrong with people doing something to improve themselvs. people always say things like that..but if that was the case. nobody would wear make up or get their hair, nails toes down, do exercise. to each their own


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