5 Tips and Tricks for Diaper Rash Prevention

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Did you know that almost every baby will get diaper rash during the first three years of life at least once? It’s caused by the friction of wet diapers being rubbed on sensitive baby skin. When that happens, babies will get a red rash in those affected areas. 

Do you have a baby that might be suffering from this? Diaper rash is uncomfortable for your baby, and in turn, can make you stressed as a parent. Learn about the top five diaper rash prevention methods here. 

1. Diaper Rash Prevention Through Diet

Some kinds of diaper rashes might be triggered by an allergic reaction to food. Take note of the food your baby has eaten when the rash occurs, and see if there is a correlation. If you notice a pattern, avoid those foods to help prevent future rashes, or see your pediatrician for professional advice. 

2. Go Diaper-less

If you were wondering how to prevent diaper rash the natural way, let your baby go diaper-less for a few hours each day. This will help air out your baby’s bottom to let it breathe. Going diaper-free will also help heal any existing rashes by giving it time to be free of irritants and close-fitting diapers and other clothing items. 

3. Use an Ointment

If you’ve noticed signs of diaper rash, you might want to incorporate an ointment into your diaper changing routine. An ointment will not only help heal an existing rash, but it will add a protective layer to the backside to create a barrier against moisture. Many popular types include petroleum jelly or zinc oxide as ingredients. 

4. Change Diapers Often

One of the most effective ways to prevent diaper rash may be the simplest. Change your baby’s diapers often, immediately after a bowel movement or urination if you can. Otherwise, it exposes the skin to moisture and enzymes that cause irritation and could lead to conditions that create a rash or even infections or other health challenges. 

5. Use Soft Cotton Pads for Wiping

While many new parents learn the importance of how to change a diaper pretty quickly, they often overlook the importance of wiping each time. It’s critical to clean and then dry your baby’s bottom before putting on the next diaper. Try baby cotton pads for a gentle wipe, and use other irritant-free products on your baby as well for maximum benefits. 

Prevent Diaper Rash

If you were wondering, what is diaper rash, now you know how to spot it and take action. Since you’ve learned about the top tips for diaper rash prevention you can try some of these steps like using soft cotton pads for wiping and gentle soap for frequent cleaning. Try having your baby go diaper-free for a few hours each day for best results. 

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