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The Amazing Stain Remover

How many times have you gone out for coffee, lunch or dinner and spilled something on your best top?? Your little darling put their grubby little hands on you? Or you were holding a baby while out and they vomit on you? Or the kids have had ice creams or hot chocolates and got it down their tops (like my boys do!)?
Then I have found the answer for you! The Amazing Stain remover comes in this gorgeous little silver container, which looks fabulous in your handbag!

The Amazing Stain Remover was specially developed to remove difficult food and beverage stains instantly, when it matters most, not at home, but while you are still out. The unique, fast acting formula works by penetrating deep into the fibres eliminating stains and their odours in seconds. The product will even remove the food or beverage odour, leaving a pleasant fragrance.

It’s as simple as spraying the gentle, non-hazardous solution onto the stain and agitate the fabric, then you are free to carry on without being embarrassed.
Its stylish and practical design allows you to take it anywhere. Keep it in your handbag, briefcase, car or office!
Conveniently packaged in an attractive 5ml atomiser the Amazing Stain Remover can easily be refilled at any time.
An ideal gift for any occasion: corporate, bridal, valentine ’s Day, mother’s day, father’s day, Christmas, baby…

The Amazing Stain Remover is environmentally friendly, contains no harmful chemicals and is safe to use on all fibres. Silk, satin, wool, denim, cotton, lace, whatever the material may be!

 To celebrate this wonderful product, we are giving away 10 Amazing Stain removers! 
To win yourself one, tell us in 25 words or less about your worst or embarrassing stain moment was.

ENTER HERE! Entries close 16th May.

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