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Are you the Next Mossée Girl?

Are you the Next Mossée Girl?

In search of 30+ Real Australian Woman to Represent Brand

Australian Fashion label Mossée has teamed up with leading national women’s magazine, Notebook: to find a 30+ real Australian woman to represent the Mossée brand and have the opportunity to appear on the front cover of Notebook. The winner will also receive a                                                                      total of $5,000 in cash and clothing.

Mossée designer, Maggie Wong is looking for a natural woman who is real and represents the Australian way of life.  “I want our next brand ambassador to reflect our philosophy, a woman with real character and natural beauty.  Someone who leads a normal life understands everyday Australian women and the everyday struggles women face – juggling life, family and work, just like our customers,” says Maggie.

“As a designer, I also want to encourage a positive, realistic and healthy body image for all girls and women nationwide,” added Maggie.

Notebook: editor Caroline Roessler says she was thrilled that the magazine was chosen to partner with Mossée in the search for a model who embodies natural beauty and confidence, and represents modern living. “Mossée’s philosophy is very much in sync with Notebook’s: we celebrate the multifaceted nature of Australian women, encourage their interests and address their challenges by sharing ways to live life easier and to the full.”

Mossée designs are made from Micro Modal, a 100% natural beech wood cellulose fabric which combines the benefits of natural fibre and the incredible softness of modern microforms. With the texture of soft cotton and the lustre of silk, it remains supple and lustrous after numerous washes. 


The winner will become the exclusive face of Mossée for one year representing two collections in Mossée’s lookbooks, website and promotional material.  She will receive the latest Mossée fashions and be styled exclusively by designer Maggie Wong.  The new face of Mossée will also be photographed for a Notebook: magazine cover.

For more information, visit:

For entries, pick up the April issue of Notebook: magazine, on sale March 10.


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    Mossee fabric really is deliciously smooth on the skin and ultra-comfy to wear! My boutique stocks MOSSEE garments for our Perth ladies so feel free to drop in and try Maggie’s range of soft dresses/tops/Cullottes & more for Winter!

    Shop 40a Grantham Street
    WEMBLEY WA 6014
    T: 93877215

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