Autumn fashion must have…

So the million dollar question is… How do I look great most of the time?
I have discovered over the years that my clients want to feel good about them selves, whether they are picking the kids up from school, changing a nappy, shopping in Woolies or working from home. The trick is to find a style of clothing that transcends your life style.

We all know the ‘Murphy’s law’ scenario, that you would just pop out in your trackies to pick up milk from the supermarket. Bump into an old boyfriend that you hadn’t seen since before you had kids! Just the thought sends shivers down my spine, so here are some must haves, to bring you wardrobe into 2010 and encourage you to look great most of the time!

Nothing is more comfortable than tracksuit pants and a T-shirt, so lets find a substitute.

Legging are the ‘in’ wardrobe essential for this season, there are many different varieties.

These Shiny Rouched Leggings add a touch of the leather look to your legs. If you are still mourning the loss of those 80’s leather pants, this is the look for you!

These Capture Dome Leggings are from

The added detail on the ankle are a great diversion if your legs are thicker at the thighs.

Check out the use of leggings in the lasted country road catalogue.

Leggings are perfect to throw on under that skirt or dress you loved, but now believed it is too short for you.

Of course the latest legging look is ‘Jeggings’


These are an ideal mix of jeans and legging, and come in a variety of colours.
I would never suggest that you wear them as you would your jeans, but always remember they are leggings, and follow the leggings rules. 
They look fab when teamed with a longer soft knit or T-shirt. As you can see, there are endless mix and match combinations, and cosy long cardigan for winter can complete the image.

Finishing touches would be a vibrant scarf, and as mentioned before either ballet flats or boots for winter.

These are outfits which are not only comfortable, workable but stylish too.

Happy Shopping  Gwen x

Top Five Legging Rules

  1.  Legging are great for all shapes and size, but always wear long tops to cover the             lumps and bumps. 
  2. Never under any circumstances reveal the dreaded ‘camel toe’… yuck!


  3. Choose good quality, thicker leggings. Thinner materials stretch and bag at the   bottoms and knees.


  4. The higher the waist band the better, it reduces the muffin top look.


  5. Be adventurous with colours and patterns, but for elongating your legs choose vertical strips rather than horizontal.

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