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Bessemer review and competition

Country Kitchen Complete Set
Australia’s best loved and most durable cookware range Bessemer, has been helping Mum’s enjoy cooking since the 1960s because it helps save time, money and whips up fantastic tasting food! Bessemer is an Australian brand and is founded on a tradition of quality and innovation.  

 Bessemer is made from a unique Vitreous Enamel, it prevents heat loss to the outside of the cookware and allows oven style meals to be prepared on the stove top, which means you heat a smaller space and not a whole oven and thus save time and energy, which saves money! You can make cakes, biscuits, casseroles, soups, just about anything.  Another added bonus of this is never having to clean the oven again! A thing I know most mums don’t like to do!!

28cm Deep Fry Pan & Lid


 The lovely people at Bessemer asked me to trial the 28cm fry pan. I thought it was really good, food was cooked perfectly, healthily, didn’t stick and the fry pan was really easy to clean. 
We have had three Circulon fry pans and after a while everything starts sticking to the base (so much for Circulon lasting a lifetime), which is very disappointing. They are also hard to clean and you are required to purchase a special brush to clean their products.
 I can’t see this happening with the Bessemer range. 
I think the Bessemer range would be a good investment. You think of how many cheap saucepans and fry pans you go through and work out the cost of having to replace them regularly. If you buy one decent set, they should last you for a lifetime.  
All products can be purchased at or call their customer order line on 1300 655 994.

One lucky mummy can win themselves a 28cm frypan with lid (pictured above) valued at $324.10. 
In 25 words or less, what would you cook in your new fry pan??
Enter Here!


  • Cheree

    I wouldn’t use it to cook, I’d use it to hit hubby over the head when he didn’t do what he’s told!

  • Anonymous

    Braised Steak and Onions because that was my mum’s favorite recipe to cook in her Bessemer pan. Sadly the pan went missing when she died,

  • Anonymous

    I’d cook Chow Mein – currently I cook Chow Mein in an electric skillet, that flicks the circuit breaker EVERY time – too much excitement at dinnertime!

  • Katarina

    A dream come true, a pan that doesn’t stick, the possibilities are endless…I would use it morning, noon and night 🙂

  • Jasmine1485

    Frypan pizza! I attempted it for the first time and I had to use a cake stand as a lid for my battered old frypan.

  • Leesa Lynn

    Oh what I could cook….. I’m sick of bad frypans and we use them alot. Bacon & eggs springs to mind, only because my hubby cooks it for me so any rest for me is worth it!!

  • Jenny B.

    A two-stage Bessemer masterpiece…

    French crepes using the fry pan, then sandwiched in layers with chocolate orange butter and ‘baked’. MAGNIFIQUE!

    Salivating already…

  • Candice

    I would give it to my Hubby so he can cook ME Chicken Schnitzel without half of it left stuck in the pan 🙂

  • Sharna

    i would have to cook something i saw Manu cook today on boys weekend… the apple tart tant it looks amazing… just apples, caramel and a bit of pastry he made it look so easy… maybe it was the accent!

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