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To say I’ve been slack in updating this blog in recent weeks would be a little understated. But things have been hectic. Of course we have had Christmas, the end of school and kinder activities, my oldest son’s fifteenth birthday, I have had a cold which turned into a bad chest, sinus and ear infection and then my mother was very ill and had been hospitalised for over 2 weeks… I guess I’ve had enough excuses.
Mum was first diagnosed with an agressive form of breast cancer two years ago… she had chemo and radiation therapy and was in the clear for a while but twelve months ago it was found that the cancer was back in her lungs and in her ribs, hip and tail bones. Mum had been on chemo tablets and they seemed to work for a while but her pain was getting worse, so she had more radiation and then a port put in her chest to administer chemo. Unfortunately, the port was put in wrong and it perforated her lung and it became infected. That is why she was so ill recently. It was a huge scare for us and thankfully, Mum is doing a lot better and is home now.
This was a huge wake up call to me, I had been putting everyone before myself (as most mothers do), very stressed, run down and not looking after myself, just as my mum had always done.
I’m scared I am going to end up like my mum (before the cancer, she also had osteoporosis)… so I am going to make some changes and start looking after ME. I am going to exercise more, eat more fruit/ veg and dairy etc. I will learn to manage my stress and take time out for myself, start enjoying life and ‘stopping to smell the roses’ . All of which Mum didn’t really do.
A happy healthy mummy/ wife is a better mummy/ wife and a good role model to my children. Hopefully, I will also be more resistant to germs and have more energy than I have now as well 🙂
This year, I have vowed to change a lot of things in my life. My youngest is starting school and it is a new decade… what a time to start anew! I think the new year and new decade has everyone thinking about their goals and what they would like to do this year.
With two business degrees in Marketing and ecommerce, over 10 years experience in Marketing/CRM and 8 yearsexperience in ecommerce, I definitely would love to get back into the swing of marketing especially online marketing and what better way to do that than with my own website geared towards mums who want more out of life than ‘just being a mummy’. I am looking forward to networking and meeting new people as well.
The list (in no particular order):
The most obvious one (as stated before) is to start exercising more, eating better and more regularly (especially eating breakfast) and eating a lot less fat and sugar. As well as getting healthier and more energised, hopefully I will lose a bit of weight as well.
Stress less and find ways of managing it. I would love to take up pilates or yoga.
To spend more quality time with the boys… particularly one on one time.
Go out and do things more as a family… like going for drives, to the beach, parks, picnics etc
Make more of an effort with my husband
To establish my website and online business… hopefully get it profitable by the end of the year
To go to networking events and establish a group of like minded contacts and friendships
To get more organised (both at home and in my business life)
To spend more time with my friends and go out more with them
Do more of the things I have always wanted to do or try….. go to new places and try different things.
I’m sure there are heaps more and I’m sure I will add to the list during the year as I achieve goals/ accomplish more in my life but  I will leave it at that for now….
What are YOU hoping to accomplish this year? What are YOUR goals or dreams for 2010?!?!?

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