Fashion and Frocks: LMFF 2010

Strobe lighting, douf douf music, buckets of red lipstick and skirts so short you would think they were belts….

Can you guess where I am?

The latest groovy night club? Wrong
An inner city wine bar? Nope
A fashion designers trendy beach front party…Almost
The L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival…Yes yes yes! All of the above squashed into a dockland warehouse!

If you are feeling just a smidgen insecure about anything, the LMFF is definitely not the place to hang. You are surrounded by gorgeous beautiful people. My mother  told me there would always be someone out there who was clever, prettier, and slimmer, than me…but to meet them all in the same place on the same night is a little disconcerting.  But I have to keep reminding myself that tonight is not all about me, it’s about the clothes.

I attended the Independent Designers Last Night Show, presenting an intriguing mixture of designers including Alexi Freeman, Fool, Of Cabbages & Kings, and my personal favourite Kylie Hawkes

It was a show to ignite the senses, almost four dimensional, but I couldn’t stop myself from wondering just how wearable the clothes really were? I think what concerned me the most were the stilts or shoes (as they are commonly known). Even the models had trouble balancing down the run way and dodging the steel pulleys that were supporting the stage. Please don’t get me wrong I love a good heel, but it’s just not that practical when I’m styling on a two hour shopping trip, or watching my eight year old play soccer. I want to look like I’ve just stepped off the catwalk in clothes and shoes that work for me.

 So before I left Melbourne I was determined to find, comfortable, affordable stylish and fashionable clothing. Therefore I headed, credit card in hand, in the direction of Brunswick Street.

I discovered the meaning of heaven on earth. With an angelic shopping experience like Scally & Trombone, Unique Shoes, Scarlett and Sly, Lion in Love, Leghorn, and Friends of Couture,
 I love different one off pieces, and what can be more useable than knee length skirts and cardigans?
Of course there is also the Alannah Hill Warehouse, this is probably about as far from heaven as you can get, but the prices are attractive.

I stocked up on accessories for $5 apiece, and was more than chuffed when I went into the store in Melbourne Central and the same accessories where on display for the full price.

There was hardly a high heel in sight; the most fashionable footwear was ballet flats or Doc Martens.
(Doc Martens were designed by Dr. Klaus Märtens  of Germany, for support and comfort…who could ask for more?)

These are fabulous with Jeans or Pants and even with a little floral dress.

After eight hours of Brunswick Street, three coffee shops one pub and one Gypsy Bar, it was time to call it a day. Bags full and feet sore!
But the blisters were worth it. I am passionately in love with Melbourne, almost as much as I am in love with shopping. If you live in the Garden State and ever go out wearing a tracksuit, you are committing a criminal dress offence. There are so many fabulous shops, markets and warehouses; you certainly have no excuse but to look great all the time! Next time I come I am buying an extra Tiger Airways seat, just to accommodate my shopping bags.

Gwen Korebrits
Personal Stylist

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