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Febusave: Grocery savings!

One of the things we have changed this month is how we go about grocery shopping and how much we spend. We were spending roughly $300 a week for 5 people, which is quite a lot.
So here is what we have done:
*The most obvious thing is to buy items that are on special and buy a few of them, especially if it is something that you get each week. When Drive is on special for $5 at Coles, I usually buy three of them…saving of $15 and it lasts quite a long time. Usually, Coles and Woolworths have buy so many of the item for such a price ie. 4 bottles of coke for $9, which is a good saving. Clearance items are also good, most things can be frozen (esp meat). I know of a mum who buys clearance bottles of Physical milk, at a certain time of the week at Woolworths, and freezes it.
* Buy in bulk: We have started buying bulk meat packs from the butchers and have saved roughly $50 a week on meat, compared to what we would of spent at Coles. 
 The bigger bulk pack of toilet paper is always a good buy, as it works out much cheaper per roll than if you buy a 6 pack. Bags of apples, potatoes and carrots are usually cheaper than buying them loose. The larger packages of most products (cereal, biscuits, frozen vegetables etc) works out cheaper per use than smaller packages.
I have a few friends who are huge fans of Cosco (, probably THE best place to buy bulk items.
 * We made a meal plan for the entire upcoming week. Start this by checking your fridge and pantry to see what you already have and what you require. You will be amazed how much money and food wastage can be saved by doing this. Instead of buying biscuits and snack for the kids for home and school, try making a bid batch of muffins/ cakes etc and freezing them, much more cost effective (and better for them too!). 
 * When shopping for grocery items such as bread, butter, sugar, flour, etc consider buying generic store brands which are cheaper and equally good quality if not better.
 * Never go food or grocery shopping on an empty stomach as you will be tempted to add unnecessary purchases to your shopping trolley.
* Try looking for budget meal ideas, there are quite a few websites that offer budget meal recipes (Personally, I like, you could also try the 4 ingredients books ( 
*If fruit is over ripening, try stewing it or making something out of it (muffins, pies etc). Bananas can be put into freezer or sandwich bags and frozen until you want to make muffins or a banana loaf.
What do you do to save money on groceries?


  • april

    All of the above – although luckily have the pickiest kids in the worlds so dinner is Pasta, or pancakes, or salad and thats it. Always homebrand or supermarket brand everything (it really is just the same) and always what is on special but only if it is cheaper than the homebrand.
    Always making a list, being willing to compromise – ie. not just using one brand of washing powdrr, but the cheapest. This is one of those occasions when ingredient lists on products are great – for soap and washing powder – if they match then all should be well- what else, lots of home baking instead of buying snacks and realsing (especially this summer) than one of those plastic icy pole tubes (worth about 25cents) makes a good desert of kids, which they are happy with.
    Oh and having a budget and sticking to it. we do $150 a wekk for 4.
    Shopping at markets for fruit and veg works well too. Much cheaper. As does a mainly vegetarian household. – love your fruit idea though :)and the websites or recipes.

  • Rachael

    I have cut my grocery bills in more than half recently. And my husband and son actually like our weekly menu’s MORE now than before.
    We have reduced the amount of meat we are eating. Upped the legumes, upped the tofu, upped the seafood and really upped the vegetables. I Cook most everything from scratch -from our satay sauces to our ice creams and cakes.

    Basically I really only buy whole foods. I can avoid Coles all together and shop at the fruit market, the fish shop, butcher and deli. Excluding top ups of bread, milk and eating out we spend less than $400 a month on groceries now.

  • joanne

    Fruit trees are great to help cut the grocery bill, and your own vegie patch. Friend with huge lemon tree swaps lemons for vegies at the local vegie shop.

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