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Febusave… why I am involved and why I think you should be too!

I took up the opportunity to become an ANZ Febusave ambassador through Australian Women Online because a) I have always been bad with money (have money, will spend it! Usually on clothing, shoes etc. My best friend calls me Rebecca Bloomfield (from Confessions of a shopaholic) because I have so many clothes and shoes).
b) My husband (who is an Accountant) finds it a great source of amusement that I have joined the program and I am keen to prove to him that I can do it and can help others save in the process!
and c) I think it is a fantastic initiative and I feel quite honored to be taking part in it. 

I am keen to change my ways this year and what better way than taking part in Febusave and you can follow my journey to save along the way. Febuary is the ideal month to start saving as we have gotten over the Christmas spending in December and the back to school expenses of January (which in this household, was a lot of money… well over $1300! So much for free education in this country…. We have two in primary school and one in secondary schooling).

ANZ launched the campaign to encourage women to develop a regular savings habit.. I know ladies who buy designer pieces and then live on 2 minute noodles or cereal until they get paid next and this is on a regular basis because they HAVE to have the latest fashion items (Ok, yes in my younger days I used to do that too!). An initiative like this will hopefully get women thinking about and planning their finances better.
The ANZ FebuSave initiative follows research showing 56 per cent of women do not save money on a regular basis, and more than half would last less than three months on their current savings if they lost their job. A scary statistic and very real to a lot of us! I would only have enough for a month, let alone three months! Something that I need to change, especially in this current economic climate.

So, I hope you join the ANZ febusave program ( or click my link on the right hand side of the site ——> There is also the chance of winning $5000 at the end of the month by registering).
Even if you just give up your morning latte on the way to work… that alone will save $90 a month! Not buying a weekly magazine will save around $20 for a month… it all adds up! So why not give it a go and join me in saving for the month?!?

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