Finishing Touches

Do you remember the days when all we needed to look and feel beautiful was a pink tutu and a plastic tiara! I passed a little girl in the Mall the other day tottering in her plastic high heels, a set of faux pearls and giant dangly glass earrings that swung and knocked her face every time she turned her head, she knew she looked amazing, she could stop traffic walking into Day Care,… and turn the head of any red blooded four year old boy. So what was her trick?? What separated her Big W dress from all the others?…she had learned the art of accessorizing and wasn’t afraid to use it.
Accessories make, but rarely break, an outfit. They are the finishing touches that receive the comments of approval from others. These days we have a kaleidoscope of accessories to choose from. Hats, scarves, belts, bangles, necklaces and rings. All of these are easily accessible and reasonable priced.
Gloves have made a huge come back this year, in line with the 50’s 80’s feel of this season. These real leather gloves from maxshop are a cute finishing touch to dresses or jeans.

Hats and berets are a great way to jazz up and outfit and keep warm. A beret suits most head shapes as they can be moulded into different shapes and sides. This animal print beret from Barkins is cheap and fun. Use with a long knitted black scarf, it will add a touch of style to any outdoor occasion.

 Chunky bangles and bracelets make a huge statement, these pieces don’t have to be expensive, but they balance out any outfit. Diva and Equip have some affordable costume jewellery. These shops often mimic the more expensive designers, like Mimco, for a quarter of the price.  This black and gold stretch bangle is from Portmans.

But my favourite jewellery to hit the stores in the last few years is by a relatively new designer Samantha Wills. Her range is full of investment pieces as the prices are a little higher than the high street stores. But her designers are deliciously different and fanciful. They are almost addictive…so I apologize in advance if I lead you into temptation and you become totally hooked!

Happy Shopping


 PS. Don’t forget to secure your ticket for the Melbourne Shopping Spree. Places are filling fast. I am looking forward to the whole event; it’s going to be a great weekend.

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