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How cute are these Smart Trikes?

We here at Mummy of Style and Substance are all for going outdoors and getting some fresh air, vitamin D and exercise. What better way than pushing the little one around on a cute trike?? Then when they are older, they can ride around themselves. Very clever!

Kids grow up so fast – wouldn’t it be great to have toys that grew with them? Innovative toy company Smart Trike has found the answer with the award winning Smart Trike Deluxe 3-IN-1, a versatile tricycle that grows with your child and will last a lot longer than their wardrobe!

The Smart Trike company has established a well-earned reputation in Europe as the leading global manufacturer and distributor of baby trikes. Now the innovative Smart Trike products have landed on Australian shores, giving rugrats from Sunbury to Bunbury the chance to ride in style.

The Smart Trike Deluxe 3-IN-1 adapts as kids develop, easily converting from a baby stroller that can be used at 10+ months to an independent tricycle suitable for 24+ months. The adjustable telescopic five-position steering handle allows parents to take control of the trike while the child is learning to ride. A built-in clutch means parents can take control when they need to and give kids the option of steering when they are feeling confident.   

The product includes a quality washable seat cover available in a range of colors, together with a bag for parents and a bottle holder and play phone to keep tiny-tots amused. The sturdy Smart Trike Deluxe exceeds all European Safety Standards, with features such as a sunshade providing maximum safety for your child.

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