How To Make Prayer A Part Of Your Busy Mommy Lifestyle

Motherhood is rewarding, but it is challenging at the same time. The endless to-do lists and tantrums can stress you out. Being a working mommy is even harder because your career commitments double the workload. A busy lifestyle hardly leaves time to eat, exercise, and sleep. You may even find yourself missing out on your spiritual goals due to the shortage of time. Luckily, integrating prayer into your daily life can help you regain control over your spiritual well-being. But praying every day may sound daunting amid your duties at work and home. Let us share some tried and tested tips to make prayer a part of your busy mommy lifestyle. 

Make an appointment

The easiest way to set a prayer schedule and stick with it is by making an appointment with God. It is a commitment that enables you to cultivate a discipline of prayer, regardless of all other things on your task lists. Remember that praying nourishes your soul, just as food and exercise nurture your body. Once you realize the value of the praying practice, you will have a good reason to adhere to your daily appointment. Also, prioritize regularity and consistency with the schedule. 

Eliminate distractions

A busy lifestyle is challenging to handle because tasks never seem to end. But sometimes subtle distractions and time-wasters rather than chores eat up your valuable time. You may end up jam-packed, leaving nothing to spare for praying. Assess your daily schedules and look for the distractions you can eliminate. You will probably find more than you can imagine, from unnecessary outings to mindless messaging and scrolling social media feed. Cut them off, and use the time to connect with God.

Seek inspiration 

A lack of motivation is a reason that may keep you from embracing a prayer habit. You may have time to spare, but do not utilize it for praying because you aren’t motivated. Seek inspiration from the right sources, such as your church members, Wyoming Carmelites, and religious books. Once you find something or someone who inspires you, nothing can keep you from picking the praying habit. 

Regain control

Life can easily slip out of control when you have mommy duties to take care of. You have to take care of the needs of the little ones and deal with their tantrums as they grow up. The challenges continue into the teens and beyond. The praying habit may get off track over the years. But the sooner you regain control, the better. Let your family know that you want to be alone during the hour with God, and they will understand your need sooner than later. 

Create a family prayer plan

Fitting prayer into your mommy lifestyle is easy if you make it a family practice. The best way to do it is by creating a family prayer plan that ensures the participation of every member. Follow a morning, mealtime, and bedtime ritual when everyone comes together to say a word of Thanks to God. The practice is enough to make prayer the cornerstone of your home.

Your relationship with God is crucial, so you cannot let it fade into the background during the busy years of raising a family. Prioritize prayer, and happiness and peace will effortlessly fall into place.