How To Shed Your Holiday Weight (For Good This Time!)


You’ve probably read a thousand weight-loss articles already, so we’ll get straight to the point. This guide is all about sustainable, long-term weight loss. There are no crash diets, crazy supplements or miracle cures here. (Trust us, there is no such thing!)

We’ve all done the no-carbs diet, the paleo diet, the zone diet. You name it, we’ve tried it. And yes, they do work in the short run. But these diets aren’t healthy overall. What you need is a routine that burns fat, and keeps it off. We don’t want you to starve yourself, or limit the food you love. It’s all about moderation, and careful choices.

Set realistic goals

The problem of dieting all starts with our goals. When we look at fad diets, we expect instant results and miracle cures. By doing this, you’re setting your expectations far too high. Instead, look for long-term, sustainable goals. Be realistic about what you can achieve, and what you can fit into your existing lifestyle. Set weekly and monthly targets, and write everything down along the way. Work on small increments, and congratulate yourself when you hit those milestones.

Healthy, balanced diet

Rather than starving yourself, just stick to a sensible, balanced diet. You should certainly be cutting out the bad habits and snacks, but don’t make things difficult for yourself. Start by facing up to the biggest dietary problems: salt and sugar. These are the worst offenders, and are easily replaced in the daily diet. Try to cut out snacks, and reduce your intake of processed food. Other than that, stick to five portions of fruit and veg a day. Eat fish and meat regularly, and beware the sugars!


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Regular, light exercise

You don’t need to sign up for crossfit and body pumping classes to maintain a good shape. In fact, the experts suggest you need just 30 minutes of raised heart-rate, three time a week. A brisk walk every day will keep the biggest problems away. If you can boost that up to a half-hour jog or an hour-long bike ride, even better! Don’t force yourself into burnout exercises. Start small, and build up your fitness slowly.

Alternative treatments

Of course, there are always alternatives options out there. Some people just naturally gather more fat than others, and even diet and exercise won’t shift it. If that’s the case, you could consider weight loss surgery. It might just give you some confidence back, and give you a clean slate. Of course, we do suggest improving your diet and exercise, in addition to any surgical procedures.

Find a weight-loss buddy

It’s difficult to stick to a weight-loss regime on your own. The shortcuts are too easy to take! Having a friend or buddy by your side will help keep you on track. They’ll keep you motivated when you’re feeling low, and they’ll give you encouragement. You can share recipe ideas, and even exercise together.

Losing weight is all about making a slow and gradual lifestyle change. Nothing happens overnight, so take your time, and set realistic, sustainable goals. Good luck!

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