I heart my body 2012


So this year I am linking up in Carly from We heart life  ‘I heart my body’ day.  

I know my body isn’t perfect, mind you I don’t think there are many Mums who have had three cesareans who would say their body was perfect (well unless one has had a tummy tuck and lipo, I guess). Having said that, my body did grow my three beautiful boys, so I definitely can’t complain about that. 
I have my body hang ups/ issues like anyone else and I know I could be skinnier and healthier but having a thyroid condition and asthma makes it incredibly difficult to exercise and lose weight. I have managed to stay the same weight (a size 14-16) for five years, so I am happy with that. 
Ok the things I heart about my body:
My legs: Being 5’10 has it’s advantages of giving me long legs. Having been a dancer for years, my legs are still pretty good for an old chook (37). 
Boobs: 12-14E. Can’t complain about that. Until I had my third child I was a B cup, so I am loving having big tatas.
Hair: Is hair part of your body? Umm I think so. So yes, I love my hair. Naturally auburn and long, it’s different and I like being different.
My eyes: Green eyes tend to get a lot of compliments. So I play them up a lot.
Lips: Full and apparently have a ‘perfect’ cupids bow. I quite like how they look.
Cheek bones: I’m lucky to have contoured cheeks.
Feet, ankles, wrists and hands: Skinny and bony, they look ok. 

So there you go, I can’t think of anything else that I like. If I could change anything it would be my stomach and my ‘matronly’ arm flab.

What do you like or don’t like about your body?


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