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Is Khloe keeping up?

Ok, I admit it! I’m a celebrity style stalker and one of my favourite celebrities is Khloe Kardashian
a) because Khloe is gorgeous
b) she has a similar body shape to mine. Both tall and curvy
c) she has a similar style and taste in clothing to myself ie. heels, boots, jeans, dresses and jackets.
 Er… Yes, I admit I have never seen an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians (as I’m a tight butt and won’t get cable) but I still like reading about the goings on with the family.
Anyhoo, I was perusing the interwebs scoping out Khloe in winter outfits for style inspiration and I was shocked and disgust when I found this picture (right) with an article attached banging on about how ‘fat’ Khloe looks… Please! There is nothing wrong with Khloe’s in-proportion curves (well apart from her VPL… have you heard of Spanx, darling?) ! I can only imagine how Khloe feels when she is compared to her tiny sisters…  Khloe is 5ft 10 (178cm), Kim is 5ft 2 and Kourtney is 5ft. So of course when Khloe is standing next her teeny, tiny sisters she is going to look amazonian! Khloe has trouble staying in shape and her yo-yo weight is so tough to control that rumours of her being pregnant keep resurfacing in the media and press. As soon as any celebrity puts on a bit of weight, she is immediately labelled pregnant! A womans weight can fluctuate between 1- 5 kgs a month due to hormones, fluid retention etc. so it’s not uncommon for a woman to look slightly pudgy around the tummy occasionally. If we all lived in the celebrity world we would be ‘pregnant’ every month! The magazines will make up anything for a story, won’t they? I rarely read ‘trash’ mags anymore as most of them are full of made up stories. How many times can magazines be sued for printing lies before people will stop buying this tripe (Yes, New Idea and Woman’s Day… I am talking about you!)? The sad thing is, most women who read these magazines believe it! Aarg! I would hate to be a celebrity and have your every move, look and weight scrutinised all the time!

“I think my weight is my biggest lifetime struggle,” Khloe confesses in a video published on her blog. “My weight is always going up and down. I’m always fighting that.”

Khloe says that, although she believes she’s learned to control her obsession with weight, the public opinion still gets her down, making her feel insecure about her figure. “Other peoples’ words do come and hit you hard,” she admits. “I feel like no matter what I do, I never look good enough to everybody else,” she says. Last year, her self-esteem was so low that she started referring to herself as “the fat one“. She revealed that her body issues began when she was little because her colleagues used to call her fat and ugly. Apparently, these words seem to have stuck in her head indefinitely. I think a lot of woman have these issues too.

Now the Kardashian girls are flogging  erm endorsing weight loss meal replacement products, which has seen Khloe lose 20 pounds but how long can she keep it off for and before she goes back to the weight she was when she starts eating normally again?

Celebrities should be promoting healthy eating and exercise, not dangerous meal replacement products. It’s sad that the Kardashian girls feel they need to resort to using these products to fit into the ‘ideal’ and not be themselves. How many teenage girls are going to go and buy the weight loss products because the Kardashian sisters promote them and kick off a life long yoyo dieting circle? What message are we sending our kids when they are constantly bombarded with ads etc pushing them to lose weight and that you need to look ‘Trim, taut and terrific’? That unless you look like the person in the ads or a celebrity you aren’t ‘perfect’?

As soon as one embarks on an unhealthy new wonder diet, yes you lose weight but then put it back again (and then some) when you start eating normally. Diets like shakes, meal replacements, drinking coffee all day (remember when this was the favoured ‘diet’ of Nicole Ritchie and the Olson twins?) and Beyonce’s fav. lemon detox diet are not only bad for your health but can reek havoc on your metabolism, even slowing it right down to nearly non existant. Constant yoyo dieting (Hello, yes Oprah and Kirsty Alley Im talking about you!) is also incredibly bad for you but we keep on doing it. Why? because we are trying to keep up with ‘ideal’ way to look.
Yes, I am guilty of yoyo dieting and being a coffee addict it was easy to jump on the ‘drink coffee all day and only have one meal a day’ bandwagon but it is incredibly unhealthy and I was constantly tired.
Why are women constantly judged and scrutinised by their weight and looks? No wonder so many women aren’t happy with how they are! We all have different body shapes and sizes. It also annoys me that the ‘ideal’ is a size zero in America with celebrities/models, even though a huge proportion of Americans are obese. Do these two coincide? ie. because women are made to feel so bad about their weight, they eat to compensate for feeling inadequate? Then try to lose it, only to put it back on again? And the viscous yoyo dieting circle begins!
People also forget that the images we see in magazines are usually photoshopped to the hilt and the celebrities are usually under 5’6 with a tiny build to start off with. So really those of us who are taller and have a regular or bigger build are deluding ourselves to think we will ever be able to be that skinny, be able to maintain it and be healthy because really it isn’t! Living on fruit/ vegies and working out for a few hours+ a day isn’t good for you either. There has to be a healthy balance with all things in life and eating/ exercise is the most important thing to keep in balance. Everything in moderation!
I have learned that I will never be a size 8 or 10. I have a hourglass or ‘cello’ shape body and tall (175cm), so I am happy to be the size 14- 16 I am. If someone doesn’t like the shape I am, then stiff. That is their problem!
I have come to the stage in life that I think there is more to life than worrying about my weight and constantly analysing what I eat and how much exercise I do everyday.
I am on a Gluten/ Soy free and low GI diet for healthy reasons (dodgy thyroid) and I exercise everyday to ward off osteoporosis (which is hereditary, my mother has it) but life is for enjoying… so what if I have the occasional dessert, cake or some chocolate?
What do you think of the celebrity ideal of the size zero? Have you learned to accept your weight and body shape you are? 


  • Melinda Stella

    Some people are naturally small – I’m blessed with skinny genes but I’m quite short too.

    Others, are naturally taller and curvier.

    I think Khloe looks great with her curves (agree with you that sometimes Spanx wouldn’t hurt!) and feel sad that she is often labelled the ‘fat one’.

    I think everyone should feel comfortable with their body shape and size and hate that women feel so much pressure to be a size zero like so many celebs we see in magazines.

    A great post anyway – I get really passionate about body issues like this.

  • Bra Queen

    Agreed, its about your lifestyle seriously just when I think everyone is getting it someone launching another diet. No matter what your size is a healthy lifestyle to crucial. Even if you are slim its still just as important for your organs to function they way they should.


  • Mish

    Our aim should be feeling good in our skin (be it what it may). A wonderful coincidence is that healthy food and regular exercise makes us feel good!
    Boo! to diets… and Yah! to all things in moderation.
    Great article,

  • Mish

    Our aim should be feeling good in our skin (be it what it may). A wonderful coincidence is that healthy food and regular exercise makes us feel good!
    Boo! to diets… and Yah! to all things in moderation.
    Great article,

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