4 thoughts on “June Book Reviews

  1. How much fun would it be!!!!! Thats why I would love to be a rock chic =)

  2. I would like to be a Rock Chic so that I could express my deep feelings and thoughts about the world. Happy and anger. I could totally express mixed emotion as well. To me Rock Chic is someone who can express really deep in music wheather they are angry or just venting. I vent a lot and I would express in deep thoughts and feelings through music.

  3. I am a rock chick, writing my tunes and rocking out in the kitchen each and every night – I’m Living the Dream!!

  4. I wanna be a ROCK CHIC to be just like PINK- she rocks and I love her to death. She is original and very passionate about her music
    Love it 🙂

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