Mia Freedman talks dirty…

Mia Freedman Hand Washing
…. hands and germs for Germwatch!
Now get out of that gutter (you didn’t honestly think Mia was going to talk dirty talk on here, did you?), go wash your hands, come back and read this important post!
New survey challenges Aussie parents to review cleaning and hand hygiene practices.
One in three* Aussie parents admit they need to improve their efforts to keep germs at bay during the colder months, yet the new Germwatch survey released recently reveals that 81%* of Aussies are missing a vital step in protecting their families by failing to always wash their hands when they get home from being outdoors or in public.
The Germwatch survey was commissioned by the Dettol, Glen 20 and Pine O Cleen brands to uncover the truth about the cleaning and hygiene habits of Aussie parents, and identify opportunities where they can help protect their families against the spread of germs this winter.
Winter germs are great at infiltrating Aussie homes, so no matter how clean our homes normally are, there’s always the chance that germs will hitch a ride in with us.
The Germwatch recommendation is for Aussies to wash their hands when they return home, an important but often forgotten step to help prevent the spread of germs in homes this winter.
The Germwatch survey revealed that the majority of Aussie families need to re-examine their cleaning habits during the colder months, especially if they want to help prevent the spread of germs within their families this winter.
Mia Freedman Food Preparation
Seventy-six* per cent of Aussie Mums admitted that they don’t clean more often during the winter season which is concerning because this is the time of year when we need to put extra measures in place to help reduce the incidence and spread of germs by cleaning and disinfecting our homes more rigorously.
Mum of three and Germwatch ambassador Mia Freedman says, “I’ve always been a big handwasher but I really ramp it up at this time of year. The last thing you want when you have kids and you’re busy is to worry about the spread of germs. I’ve learnt a few new things by being involved in Germwatch and I’ve passed on that information to my family. Who has the time or energy to worry about winter germs?”
Mia Freedman cleaning kitchen surface
Results from the Germwatch survey also revealed that 59%* of Aussie households only change their kitchen cleaning cloth when it gets too dirty and smelly (46%)* or ragged and worn out (13%)*. While most Australians have been guilty of this at some point, the problem is that if these cleaning cloths are left unchanged, they can become holding pens for germs that may spread to your family. The Germwatch recommendation is to use a disposable wipe which allows you to hygienically remove the dirt and germs and simply throw them away.
Furthermore, using a germ-kill product when cleaning household surfaces will also help prevent the spread of winter germs in homes as some germs can last on surfaces for days. Unfortunately for the 54%* of Aussie households who don’t currently use a germ-kill product to clean their kitchen surfaces, chances are they may be doing themselves a disservice and just moving the germs around the surface as opposed to killing them.
Germwatch is an initiative from Dettol, Glen 20 and Pine-O-Cleen, which provides Australians with a simple reminder to use good hand hygiene practices and the right and disinfectant products to help protect their family and wider community from the spread of germs this winter.
Other interesting statistics from the Germwatch survey were:
  • Only 23%* of adults use an antibacterial soap or hand wash
  • 47%* of people don’t always cover their mouth when they cough and only 10%* use the health department recommended alternative of their elbow if they cough or sneeze
  • 36%* of national households believe they would fail an independent cleanliness test (11%* of which said they would fail miserably)
  • 1 in 10* admitted to having used the same cleaning cloth in the bathroom and kitchen once or twice
  • 54%* of Aussies never or only once a year disinfect their home from top to bottom
  • 55%* say their home is not as clean as they would like because they don’t have enough time, 31%* hate cleaning and 21%* said why bother because it doesn’t stay clean for long
The Germwatch top ten hygiene tips this winter are:
  • Wash your hands regularly with an antibacterial hand wash especially before and after eating, after going to the toilet and when you first get home
  •  Use targeted disinfection on surfaces during the winter season
  • Clean contaminated surfaces with products that kill germs
  • On frequently touched surfaces use a spray disinfectant that kills the common cold and flu virus and helps prevent it from spreading further
  •  Use more hygienic disposable wipes instead of household sponges or use paper towel and Pine O’s clean Multi purpose spray.
  • Cover noses and mouths when sneezing or coughing and remember to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards
  •  Remember to use good hygiene practice after being outdoors
  •  Hand sanitizers can offer germ protection in an instant and are suitable for those occasions when you aren’t able to wash your hands
  •  Use a tissue instead of a handkerchief and dispose of it immediately after use. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.
To find out more about the simple Germwatch hygiene hints and great cleaning solutions for protecting your family from germs, go to www.healthyfamilies.com.au.
*(Source, Germwatch Study, Galaxy Research)

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