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Miss DeJour

OK, we all hate ‘that’ time of the month, yes? We also hate squashed tampon boxes and loose tampons in our handbag, yes? Not to mention loose in our pockets, which fall out at the MOST inopportune time… erm.. ok so that might of just been me. Helloo… in the middle of a busy cafe!
Now we have a better option! Miss DeJour tampons come in a discrete, cute zip lock bag. No more bright, gaudy boxes or loose tampons!  How gorgeous is the packaging? Very glamorous, yes?

Chic, savvy and stylish, the Miss De Jour range of tampons launches in stores from March 2011.  

“Miss De Jour tampons are packed in fashionable boxes to help make women feel a little bit glamorous in a time when they might be feeling a little bit icky. We’ve also packaged them in handy zip lock bags, which means the tampons don’t end up rolling around in the bottom of our handbags, which most of us can relate to,” Director and Owner, Ms Kristina Allen said.
An inspirational business woman, highly creative and the brains behind De Jour; the first Australian sanitary brand by a woman, for women, Ms Allen is launching the sassy new brand, Miss De Jour, to cater to the ‘Mademoiselle’ market of Australian women.
Ms Allen, 43, began her career in advertising, paving an enviable career as Art Director before changing tact some 13 years later to begin De Jour in 1998.


“Like many big breaks in business I recognised a market gap in the sanitary products’ space that spoke directly to the female market. Such as – who she is, what she aspires to… and I was confident I could deliver a product that would meet the customer’s sanitary requirements as well as fit with her value set,” Ms Allen said. 

“I looked around at what was on offer and didn’t like the options. The available tampon packaging was loud and gaudy, the purse packs unhygienic and the advertising insulting,” she said. 

Rather than accept the status quo, Ms Allen used her creative nous to design the De Jour brand, which launched to market in 1998. 

Miss De Jour, and De Jour, is available in supermarkets across Australia as well as Priceline stores and other usual sanitary product outlets. 

Ms Allen has her own David and Goliath story to tell – taking on the male dominated big guns and coming up trumps. 

She believes the secrets to her success include knowing the target market, filling a gap in the market, and importantly delivering a quality product that works, is price competitive and appeals to its audience. 

Ms Allen also goes beyond the standalone product by sharing tips, advice and information on the De Jour website, and Miss De Jour Facebook page related to various women’s issues including but not limited to PMT, cystitis and thrush. 

“I like to look at myself as a big sister. Perhaps that’s why I’ve launched a new line of De Jour, we’ve been on the market for over 10 years now – little sister’s all grown up and it’s her time to shine. Today’s women care about their careers but not to the neglect of their femininity. I’ve kept their values top of mind when designing both De Jour and Miss De Jour.  Miss De Jour is part of a sisterhood brand that knows what women want and can deliver a product that delivers on it,” Ms Allen said. 

“The packaging is also such that the man in a girl’s life won’t be embarrassed to be seen with Miss De Jour in his shopping basket – in fact, he’s likely to feel good about it as other women shopping will be familiar with the brand and think he’s a grand boyfriend indeed!” 

To try Miss DeJour for yourself, register on the Miss DeJour website for a free sample!
Plus thanks to Miss DeJour, one lucky reader will win a years supply of Miss DeJour… how fabulous is that? All you have to do is tell us your tampon horror story by 5pm Friday 3rd June. ENTER HERE!

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