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OK.. most mummy’s want to look and feel good… yes? But how do you pull off a stylish, yet comfortable look when you have babies, toddlers or kids? There is the time to find clothing that you like, that are flattering and suit you but have to be practical and comfortable at the same time. So how do I go about it… well here are a few ideas for simple summer styling…

I have found (by lots of trial and error) that when it comes to clothing, you get what you pay for. Yes, those tshirts etc. in Kmart, Big B etc. might be cheap and can be decent quality for a few months but they rarely last for next years season, let alone years ahead. Good quality, classic clothing can do you through many seasons, so really you get value for money. How many cheap items would you have gone through, over a few years, when one quality brand item would of lasted the same amount of time? You would of saved time (you didn’t need to go and get new items) as well.
Shopping for new clothes is hard work with rug rats pulling on you and whinging “Can we go yet?”, especially when you have just walk in the door of the shop… and to try and actually look at anything without hearing “Muuuummmmm” or the kids deciding they are bored and start running around the store, hiding amongst the clothes racks… egging each other on or fighting…aaarg! Hmmm maybe that is just my boys… anyway.. to save time (and to avoid dragging the kids around everywhere) I highly recommend shopping online…. or take advantage of late night shopping and sneak out after the kids have gone to bed or leave them with hubby/mum for a few hours.
My favourite websites are:
Birdsnest…. This is a fantastic site and has clothing, shoes and jewellery all in once place (they even have a kids section now)!
Birdsnest has a great range of clothing from Esprit, JAG, R M Williams (for the country girls), Metalicus, French Kitty, One Teaspoon and many more at reasonable prices. Birdsnest have a few nifty features on their site, one in particular that I love is the ‘shop by occasion’ tab… they actually have outfits put together to give you ideas on what to wear to special occasions and even casually!
Some examples:

Love this look! The JAG top is gorgeous! The bracelets are by Samantha Wills but if you want a cheaper version, try David Jones (I bought a David Lawrence set for $29), Sussan, Target, Diva or Equip. Equip is great, I bought a pair of Gladiator Sandals (similar to the ones in the picture) for $12.

Love this outfit, especially the shoes! A scarf can make even a simple tshirt look classy and polished.

Gorgeous Maxi… which looks so comfortable… very versatile dress… can dress it down with sandals or thongs, bbq’s with some dressy sandals or espadrilles or dress it up for night time, parties and christmas day with some killer heels and bling jewellery.

Practical outfit… boyfriend jeans…I would fold the jeans up more and straighten the necklace…

Other ‘Shop by’ features are ‘Shop by bodyshape’ – this is really good, you can look up whcih shape your are ie. pear, hourglass etc. you can even look for 16+ or clothes that will suit you if your pregnant. ‘Shop by .. personality, brand, colour and new arrivals. Birdsnest:
Ebay: This site is my absolute favourite site for buying cheap brand name clothing! I have bought a brand new Country Road blazer for $23 (very on trend with sleeves rolled up a bit), they usually retail for nearly $200. I also love buying Portmans skirts off ebay, most skirts retail for $99+ in store but are sold on ebay for $29.95. Tips for buying on ebay- go for items that are finishing during the week or even during the day, these items usually don’t go for a very high selling price. Look for spelling mistakes! I recently bought an Allanah Hill skirt for $5… yes.. $5!! The skirt has a RRP of $189. All because the lister spelled Alannah Hill as Alana Hill. Simple mistake but it was my gain. The skirt would most definitely had sold for a lot more.
Sportsgirl: Ok yes.. their target age is teens and 20s but they have gorgeous accessories, particularly bags, shoes and jewellery. They also have some nice tops, scarves and dresses.
Barkins: Barkins have on trend quality fashion mostly under $50… I love everything on here! Shoes, bags, clothes…. everything is so cheap!
Westfield: Love the Westfield site… (and Westfield for that matter). Westfield has a ‘fashion trends’ page and gives excellent ideas for looking good. For a fee, Westfield offer a shopping session with a stylist. You dont have to buy what they advice you to wear but they give you an excellent idea on what would suit you.
Your Wardrobe:
Your wardrobe should work for you. It should always create a “put together” look for you effortlessly while giving you an attitude of ease and confidence all at the same time. If yours doesn’t do this for you, chances are you’ve probably had some frustrating ‘last minute’ shopping experiences while trying to find something appropriate for a certain occasion. Ninety percent of what people first notice about you is your clothing and grooming! Think about it, how many times have you “sized up” how someone is groomed and put together? Clothing and grooming is not only important for first impressions, but also because if affects everything else about you. It will actually have an impact on your body language and gestures. I admit it….when I feel like I look hot in an outfit, I feel better about myself and my personality gets a little brighter. With summer fast approaching and news of a hot one, Mummy’s need comfortable, practical but fashionable outfits.
What is in fashion at the moment and what would suit Mums?!?
Obviously the most practical option is 3/4 pants

* Worn in ‘boyfriend’ look is in right now and soooo comfy! To get away with it cheaply, get a pair of your (or your partners) old straight or boot cut jeans (obviously skinnies wouldn’t work) cut the jeans to whatever length you desire (I cut mine off at just below my calf) and simply fold them up. Above knee length is very on trend at the moment but I wouldn’t suggest you go all ‘Daisy Duke’ as you would just look like mutton dressed as lamb or a hooker! Not a good look!

* Other 3/4 pants that look good are… regular 3/4 fold up jeans, plain black 3/4 pants and capri’s look very classy, flattering and hide a multitude of sins!
Skirts/ dresses
Pretty much all lengths are in this Summer! Knee length, ankle length, floor length…all practical for a mummy fashionista. Maxi’s aren’t going away in a hurry and are so comfy and cool during hot days. Short skirts are in but dont go the mini unless you are in your 20s and to be honest, they aren’t too practical when your a mummy, especially when your bending down… we REALLY don’t want to see what you had for breakfast, darling!
Key Looks:
Boho is very on trend at the moment (think yummy mummy Nicole Richie)… and can be quite a gorgeous look, if you don’t over do it (you don’t want to look like a lost hippy from Woodstock). Just try one item out of an outfit… ie. Boho skirt with a plain top/ tshirt/ cami/ singlet, Boho top or tunic with 3/4 length jeans, Boho maxi dress but go easy on the beads/ accessories… less is more with a boho dress.
Floral is also huge this season especially floral skirts, floaty tops and maxi dresses are gorgeous in a floral print… especially bright and bold floral, which comes to the next trend….
Bold Prints The key here is to only wear one bold print item. Too many and it just looks disasterous! If bold prints scare you, try to ease into it gently with some print flats (I have red and black leopard print flats from Portmans) or a bold patterned scarf with a plain tee.
Colours Corals are huge (I’m wearing a coral Jeans West Boho top at the moment, actually) as well as electric blue, hot pink and purple. Tie die has also made a comeback. Although, if you saw this trend the first time (80’s/ early 90’s) just go easy on it by just getting a scarf, mildly tie died tee or maxi skirt…. again, you don’t want to look like a lost hippy and definately don’t over accesorise with heaps of wooden jewellery… remember ‘Less is More!’.
Retro chic.. think 20’s and 40’s flapper look… polished, classy in black, electric blue and silver hues.
White… always looks so clean and fresh during summer (just dont let the kids near you with grubby fingers!! So probably not practical for those Mummy’s with babies and toddlers). Loose white linen pants, white shirts over 3/4 jeans (I wear my hubby’s business shirts with the sleeves folded up and add a scarf or bold necklace if going somewhere), floaty long white skirts…all worn with gladiator sandals and lots of coloured bracelets…. gorgeous!
To top it off… Cardi’s are gorgeous this season and are so practical (especially here in Melbourne with the 4 seasons in one day), a boyfriend jacket/ blazer is also a wise investment, Fold up the sleeves for up to the minute styling (great to pop on when the night air sets in or on cooler days). The jacket/ blazer will take you right through autumn and winter as well. Looks fantastic with jeans.

So there you go ladies… hopefully, I have given you some ideas for the coming season…. Friday favourite’s is coming tomorrow… stay tuned!
Stylish Mummy xo

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