Nailing The First Day College Fashion 2021

It is very common to be in a dilemma when it comes to dressing for the very first day at college. You will be meeting a lot of new people and you would want to strike the right impression at the beginning. After all, the clothes reflect the personality of the wearer, right?

So, here are some ideas that can make you turn heads at your institution. Emulating the ones which appeal the most to you can help you become the fashion diva quite effortlessly.

Metallic Pieces
Metallic items are witnessing a big comeback this year in the forms of jackets, crop tops, and statement dresses. The little charm of bling can instantly jazz up even the most boring outfits. Consider investing in a piece that goes in with your persona. If you are one of the shyer and the demure types, you can take it up a notch by getting it in a crop top which you can pair up with your trusted shrug. However, if you are open to all kinds of experiments, then, in that case, you can go for a complete head to toe in the mirror and shine department. Carrying it with your own panache will definitely make people notice you for sure.

Big and Distressed Denims
The boyfriend jeans which ruled everywhere for the past couple of years have paved the way for the big and distressed denim style. It provides the perfect level of comfort without you having to lose out on the fashion quotient. Since the emphasis is on functionality, this particular item is a must-have in every college girl’s wardrobe. You may choose to wear this if you are looking for something which can help you get through the busy activities or the long periods of lectures and presentations. They can be styled with almost anything and everything which you may have lying around. With a sling bag upon your shoulders, you should be good to go to soar new heights.

Doodle Tees
There are always some days in the weeks when you do feel extra chirpy and playful. And if that is what you are feeling on your Day 1, then your clothes should look the part too. The doodling on your diary’s last page could reflect right that on the most used piece of clothing in your wardrobe. If you are an absolute lazy bum, you can still make a fashionable statement with versatile tee shirts. You can check out graphic tee shirts mens like to wear. These are not only super quirky and humorous but are utterly wearable and something that you can put on without even thinking much. Make sure that you browse through a lot of options of the graphical doodle design and then select the ones that you can best relate with to wear regularly. Honestly, these look really cool with your most trusted pair of summer shorts and sneakers, which is a perfect go-to for all orientation programs of the day.

Playing It With Neons
If bold and beautiful is your mantra, then this one is just right for you. The neon trend has been around for quite some time, but it is catching steam this year. The trick is to keep it eye-catching yet soothing. Popular colors which have stood strong against the test of the time are in the shades of pinks, aqua, and jades. The best style of outfit which brings the entire beauty of this look together is a co-ord set. So, if you are looking for a mono color foot forward, then this one is your way to go.

Statement-Making Collars
Another way of having your diva moment is to keep the outfit simple but creating all the buzz with statement collar styles. They can elevate even the most basic shirt styles in a jiffy. From asymmetrical cuts to embellished necks, you are free to jazz this up in any way you want. These fancy-looking rims can either be kept too close to the neck in a choker way or you could keep them in regular rounds and V’s. Adding ruffles or wide detailing also works pretty fine.

The Knits
Be it crochet or a knit pattern, this meticulous-looking interlocking way of stitch oozes a certain romantic element in your overall look. They have been around for a long time but this year, the ribbed texture and the pointelle fabrics are making it all the more special. Whether it is just a blouse or a long dress with a side split, this one keeps you slightly warmer all the time. For more snugness in the college corridors, do not hesitate to add boots and coats for a more wholesome look.

Fancy Sweats
Championing your own comfort above anything else is a great thing because if you feel good, you look good. And yes, you can still create a beautiful look for your very first casual day in the college with just your trusted sweats. No, we do not advocate running to your classes in your regular and tattered pair but a fancy one. To make it chicer, be open to experimentation in the fabrics of silks, crepes, linen, to name just a few. Also, if you are not a fan of single colors, then you can play up the patterns in abstracts, floral, or lines.

Does not matter if you associate with a little academia or the too cool to care types, little outs on your regular dress can elevate your regular look to something much more fashionable just like that. The cut details on the sides, shoulders, or a keyhole peep look great when combined with multi-layers in neutral shades. Or if there is an interesting event going on in your college on the very first day, you may want to have this style in some or the other form in your dress. Either way, they look very cute and maybe a little flirtatious too, which is kinda okay, Don’t you think?

The Conclusion
Your college style is something that should be according to your own sense of fashion. We hope that you get to make the perfect choices according to your desired look from the ideas shared above. Good luck with embarking on the new adventures of life!

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