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The new ‘face’ of Hugo Boss


Hugo Boss will be launching a new mens fragrance in July and have signed up Jared Leto as the ‘face’ for the new fragrance.
The company made the announcement via its Facebook page, revealing it would release more information about the deal in coming weeks.

“HUGO inspires men to succeed through creativity, which is something I’ve aimed for my entire career. Like the HUGO man, I look for inspiration in everything around me and seek out unusual and unexpected things and experiences,” says Jared.
While the 30 Seconds to Mars singer has been seen with many different looks from eyes made up with heavy eyeliner to pink mohawk hair, he is likely to go for a more clean cut appearance for the HUGO fragrance campaign.
I must admit I was jumping up and down with excitement… you see I have had a slight obsession with the lead singer and Hollywood actor for over eight years now.
Admittedly, when I first became a fan of his band, 30 Seconds to Mars, I didn’t realise how sexy and hot the lead singer was. I was too busy listening to his eargasm voice! To tell you the truth, I didn’t even know who he was until I did one of those lame “Who is your celebrity boyfriend?” questionnaires on Facebook and the picture accompanying it had me hooked… erm.. especially after I had Googled more pictures. I’ve since learned he is the total package. Incredibly intelligent, funny with those blues eyes… hello!
originalSo having said that, I think the new campaign is going to be very sexy. Although, who could forget the last campaign with Ryan Reynolds for ‘Boss Night’? Oh my!!
I think Scarlet Johanson is a silly girl for giving up Ryan and shacking up with Sean Penn.. but that is just me.
Here is the commercial for Boss Bottled Night:

Very sexy commercial, yes? I hope the new commercials with Jared are just as hot. What do you think of the commercials and Hugo Boss fragrances? Is it wrong that if a guy walks past wearing one of the Hugo fragrances I want to jump him? lol Do you like guys wearing fragrances?
Oh and just for the perve factor… here is another picture of Ryan Reynolds.

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