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Optical illusions!

Ok… so I have been really bad and haven’t visited the optometrist for over 6 years, I honestly didn’t realise it had been that long! 
I have made an appointment for this week and I’m hoping to get these Burberry frames (or something similar). 
I hadn’t given it much thought but according to Specsavers, it is very important to get your eyes checked every two years.
Did you know that your eyes don’t stop growing/ adjusting until you are 25 years old? With your eyes changing, it is important to get them checked to pick up changes in your vision.

 All adults should get their eyes tested at least every two years to ensure their eyes are healthy and their prescription is up to date.

Not only do regular eye tests pick up whether you are short-sighted, long sighted or need a new prescription in your glasses, these tests can also reveal the early signs of sun damage, eye disease and other potentially fatal health conditions. Catching these  early is vital.

Regular eye tests are particularly important for people aged 45 and over who can pick up conditions such as macular degenerations, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma – the second largest cause of unnecessary blindness, as many people miss the early symptoms of the disease.

Kids: It is extremely important to get kids eyes check regularly. 
Parents are urged to book an eye test for their kids and avoid undiagnosed vision problems

An Australian school principal warns that undiagnosed vision problems amongst young children can

lead to poor school results and learning difficulties.

According to Melbourne’s GilsonCollege principal Mark Vodell, who has over 25 years teaching

experience, many school children can struggle at school due to undetected vision problems.

Short sightedness or Myopia, which is increasingly common amongst children, is one of the key

reasons why many kids find it hard to read the blackboard at school. The tell tale signs of Myopia is

screwing up the eyes to see distant objects, difficulty reading the blackboard at school and sitting

very close to the television.

“Undiagnosed vision problems can be a real set-back to children starting school and can impact their

learning and socialisation,” Mark said.

Specsavers have put together some hints and tips on how parents can spot if their child may

need glasses:

Squinting – If your child’s teacher says they frequently squint at the blackboard, they may be trying to

compensate for their poor vision short term.

Sitting too close to the television – Short-sighted children generally have clear vision at a close

range and poor vision at a distance.

Rubbing eyes and headaches – If your child rubs their eyes excessively or complains of headaches

regularly, it may mean their eye muscles are fatigued from straining.

Reading problems – Children who frequently skip lines or lose their place while reading books have

vision associated problems.

Specsavers glasses start from $179 for two pairs and children’s glasses (including extra tough features like bendy frames and spring-loaded hinges) start from $199 for two pairs. Prices at Specsavers always include the cost of single vision lenses. 

For more information, click the specsavers logo or go to

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  • Sharna

    I need a yummy mummy makeover because under the daggy clothes, and lack of makeup there is a gorgeous butterfly ready to explode and shine brightly… i know the confidence is there!

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