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Very few people who teach Pilates pregnancy classes are actually pregnant themselves. Which is understandable, after all, being permanently pregnant isn’t really practical. But that’s the great thing about these DVDs, the instructor Tasha was pregnant during the filming of them. So she knows exactly what’s possible for you, and what’s not.
Tasha is an extremely experienced and professional instructor, but more importantly she enjoys teaching Pilates, which is clearly evident in the Pregalates DVDs. And we’re certain you’ll enjoy them too.
Tasha has presented on Yoga TV in Australia and also appeared as the Pilates In Pregnancy Expert throughout the Lifestyle Channel’s Pilates TV series. She’s also demonstrated at fitness expos, appeared in the media and worked with pro AFL footballers in the area of sports coaching and Pilates training. 

The pregalates pilates for pregnancy DVDs are unique. Firstly, each workout is trimester specific and secondly, Tasha, your instructor is pregnant too, so she’ll be going through it with you (in more ways than one).

Each workout lasts between 45 and 60 minutes and targets all areas of your body. Beginning with a gentle warm up, leading into the tummy to work on your balance and flexibility, before moving onto your side (lateral) muscles, followed by your legs, arms and bum. 

Although each trimester is different, in essence the exercises are the same, which allows for a more thorough understanding of the movements. But there are crucial adjustments that are specific to each stage of your pregnancy. For example, the time spent on your back for the second and third trimester is greatly reduced.
The pace of the exercises will also mirror the change in your energy levels and the range of movement alters to take into consideration the amount of relaxin that’s present in your body. There are four professional Pilates for pregnancy DVDs, which cover the 1st, 2nd, 3rd trimesters and the post-natal stage. You can buy them individually, or as a complete set, giving you a nice discount. They’re a great present for yourself, or would make an ideal gift at a baby shower for a friend or relative. And because the DVDs are split into different trimesters, they can be started at anytime throughout the pregnancy.

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Thanks to Preglates we have four copies of the whole series of DVDsfrom the first trimester to post natal.
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