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This post might be a bit toooo much information for some, so if you feel uneasy or queasy about ‘that time of the month’ I suggest you might want to go and have a read of my other posts… we still love you though… so keep reading 🙂

OK… so we all HATE that time of the month, don’t we? I can honestly say I don’t know a single female who looks forward to it every month. I am such a moody cow the few days before getting it that my husband always knows when it is coming. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or not.. haha! I also get the bad munchies and I HAVE to have chocolate…. I swear I would seriously maime someone if they stood between chocolate and myself at that time of the month. Yes, I’m sure I could possibly be that crazy if I didn’t have my choccie fix.. but no one has attempted to, so it is all good 😉

 Usually, the first two days of my period is spent at home, going through several changes of clothing and heaps of pain relief. I have been using Carefree Flexia tampons for about 6 months now and they have made a huge difference to my life. The pain is still there but I can actually go out now without having to worry if I have a ‘leakage’ problem…. hoorah!! Oh and hurrah for Neurofen Plus!! 

New Carefree Flexia Tampons can give you an extra boost of confidence because these ingenious tampons have unique SoftFolds flexible wings which catch fluid other tampons may miss.
SoftFolds wings work by channeling the fluid to the inner core of the tampon, helping to prevent embarrassing leaks so you can get on with your day, no matter how active it may be.

I was lucky to be sent a ‘care’ pack from Carefree (even though I was already using their products). As well as a packet of Carefree Flexia, included was some vanilla bath salts (they smell amazing!), chocolates and a gorgeous smelling candle, all things that are essential for soothing the body and soul when you need it most. What is nicer than pampering yourself when you need it?

What do you do for yourself when you need some pampering? How do you deal with ‘that time of the month’?

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