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I love fashion and it is always interesting to hear from designers and fashionistas about what inspires them to design and wear the gorgeous items they do. 
Style Leaders sets out to recognise and showcase fashion-forward consumers and designers, celebrating their style and influence on fashion. 

Westfield believe fashion has a wide circle of inspiration. ‘Style Leaders’ features contributions from every aspect of the fashion industry. Westfield haven’t just been talking to the designers, the photographers and the stylists; they’ve been talking to the fashion buyer. Westfield have been asking what inspires the buyer, what motivates them to choose one look over another. What’s their personal view?

These unique, documentary style videos highlight how we’re all a part of the fashion industry. We all inspire each other, and our individual choices don’t just inspire us, they inspire the designers themselves.

The concept of ‘You Inspiring Us, Us Inspiring You’ is at the very heart of Westfield’s Autumn Winter 2011 campaign. We hope you enjoy it. We especially hope you’re inspired by it.

What did you think? Which designers do you admire or like to wear? 

My favourite designer is Leona Edmiston. Leona’s dresses are the epitome of femininity and fashion but also incredibly flattering at the same time.

Which look/s do you love for Autumn/Winter?

This post is sponsored by Westfield.

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