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Style remains the same….

Style Remains the Same…
I was saddened by the news that our iconic first lady, Sonia McMahon died at the age of 77.
She hit fashions centre stage when in the 70’s, during her husband’s term as prime minister, she attended a White House dinner held in his honour. She wore a floor length white gown, with a slit to the thigh and held together from there to under the arm by thin rhinestone-studded straps. This gown was a revolution of style in its time. The Australia of the 70’s was not known for its cutting edge fashion, but this put Australian designers firmly on the style map. The dress was designed and made by Victoria Cascajo an acclaimed Melbourne Designer.
More striking to me was that only a few months ago Sonia McMahon revamped the dress and worn it again to the Golden Globe awards, while accompanying her son Julian.
She had worn the original dress over 40 years ago and not only had her figure remained virtually unchanged, but the style of the dress remained timeless too.
That dress is known as the perfect ‘investment buy’…so that got me thinking about how many items in our wardrobe do we own that we could wear in 40 years time.
If we think of our other stylish inspirations, like Jackie Onassis and Audrey Hepburn, their dress sense is timeless. If we were to bump into them down George Street, we wouldn’t be taken back by how old fashioned they looked, but by how classically they were dressed. “Fashion Fades, Only Style Remains The Same”.
With the latest fashions in the high street stores taking on the infamous 1950 look, now is a great time to stock up on those timeless pieces. 

The top selection of photos are original 1950’s fashion shots taken at random from Google, below are their modern day counterparts, all readily available in stores this season.

This revival of style has hit hard and fast, but every fashionista knows that it will only last the next season ‘in store’. So now is the time to stock up on these classics. I can guarantee if you are wearing the ‘Chanel style’ jacket 10 years in the future, people will still stop you and comment on how great you look. I guess my greatest challenge is that we still fit the classic clothes we bought years earlier, or we make friends with an excellent tailor!!

Regards Gwen

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