Let the jumper wars begin

This morning was cold, wet, miserable and the start of term three for the boys. It was also twelve degrees C… yes, 12 degrees! As usual at this time of year, this is the conversation with Mr’s 12 and 9. Me: “Put a jumper on please?” Child 2: “But I’m not cold!” Me: “It’s cold… Read More Let the jumper wars begin


Back to school with Target

  The minis (Mr 9 and Mr nearly 12) head back to school on the 30th January. I can’t believe my babies will be in year’s 4 and 6 respectively this year. Where does the time go? Luckily, time isn’t an issue when buying back to school items for the boys at Target. They have… Read More Back to school with Target


Family fun at Sea World Resort

Gifted On Saturday morning, we headed off to the Melbourne airport to fly with Virgin airlines to the sunny Gold Coast to stay at Sea World Resort for a few days. It was a great flight with little TV’s, showing Foxtel channels in the headrests to watch while we cruise the skies. The boys were… Read More Family fun at Sea World Resort

House & Garden

Cleaning Calamity

A few days ago I woke up to this: Thank you Mr apprentice chef for making dinner but not clean up afterwards when he said he would… aaarg! Empty packets and tins, mess on the benches, stove top mess and dishes not put in the dishwasher. Yes, that is a Wii remote on the bench… Read More Cleaning Calamity