Parent Emotional Intelligence and Resiliency survey

My friend, Elizabeth Barber is studying for the award of the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honors) course being undertaken at The Australian College of Applied Psychology and she requires 150 parents to fill out a questionnaire regarding parent resilience and emotional intelligence. The questionnaire doesn’t take long to do and will help in future studies into parenting. It would be very… Read More Parent Emotional Intelligence and Resiliency survey


Westfield Style TV

We all love to watch lovely ladies getting made over and these two videos will definitely make you green with envy! How fabulous would it be to meet with a stylist and find out what suits you and which latest fashions and looks would be perfect for you. Here is Megan being made over by… Read More Westfield Style TV


Style leaders

I love fashion and it is always interesting to hear from designers and fashionistas about what inspires them to design and wear the gorgeous items they do. Style Leaders sets out to recognise and showcase fashion-forward consumers and designers, celebrating their style and influence on fashion. Westfield believe fashion has a wide circle of inspiration. ‘Style Leaders’… Read More Style leaders


Super styling with Westfield

Fashion should always be easy, fun and fabulous because ‘style’ is about looking and feeling great, whatever your age, lifestyle or body shape.

 But how do you tap into your own stylish self? Connect with a stylist of course!   One of my favourite stylists is Australia’s own, Donny Galella. Having been an avid reader… Read More Super styling with Westfield


Win with Westfield

This season’s top gift ideas are up for grabs, watch and enter to WIN! Ahh, Christmas. The word alone can induce a feeling of light-headedness, what with all of the planning, visiting relatives and school holidays. Add “shopping” to the mix… well, you might want to book yourself a bed at the hospital, just in… Read More Win with Westfield


Who is the Westfield Insider?

Back in September, I posted a link on Mummy of Style and Substance’s Facebook page regarding THE job of the year. Westfield were looking for a fashion/ shopping blogger and paying the winning applicant $100,000 for doing so. According to Westfield: “The successful applicant will be offered a 12 month position to blog and inform the… Read More Who is the Westfield Insider?