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The Ultimate Bathing Guide

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We have four Schick Intuition packs to give away…. Leave a comment below and in 25 words or less tell us why you need to be hair free before Spring. 

Fans of the Schick® Intuition® PlusTM will be clambering to get their hands on their favorite razor now available in a range of new limited edition handles.  The cute and colourful designs are in for an exclusive period to add a touch of style to the bathroom this winter. As well as looking delightful in their new skin, these stylish razors will also help you to feel sexy in yours, because let’s be honest – our razors shouldn’t shy away, just because our legs do!
Throughout the year, most of us fall guilty of not granting ourselves enough ‘time out’ for DIY pampering – especially in the winter. Yet as the colder nights draw in, there has never been a better time to look to your bathroom for some well deserved bubble-bath infused ‘you time’. The benefits that a bath can bring to the mind and the body are endless, as well as being the ideal excuse for 20 minutes of R & R after a long, exhausting day, a bath will also do wonders for your skin. It’s also the perfect place to shave as you can take extra care in all those hard to reach places! The all-in-one feature of Schick Intuition Plus allows you to effortlessly “lather, shave & moisturise” in one easy step for silky, smooth and soft legs. So, not only will the new vibrant shaving accessory liven up your bathroom, the beauty ‘must haves’ will also free you from the stress of regular shaving too.

Schick Intuition Plus is the only razor with four blades, surrounded by a moisture-rich, skin-conditioning solid, enriched with shea butter, aloe and Vitamin E. Perfect for replenishing your skins natural moisture, to help care for your skin throughout the colder months.


  • Shannon Vize

    So hairy
    quite scary
    Schick Intuition Pack
    will get my sexy back!
    Hair free by spring
    to do my yummy mummy thing!!

  • Simone

    Spring Racing is around the corner time to get the body smooth with Schick intuition ready for the boozey days at the races..

  • Di

    I don’t want to scare my husband by taking off my trackie pants and revealing hairy gorilla legs! I’d love smooth human legs instead, please.

  • Sharna

    i am a mum and time for me is limited at the moment, i need a product that will be effective and give me the fantastic results with limited effort!!

  • mel

    Well cant be giving any1 heart attacks now can i lol

  • mel

    Well cant be giving any1 heart attacks now can i lol

  • Vicki

    An Intuition pack from Schick,
    Gives my hairy legs the flick,
    Ready for spring, getting smooth with style,
    A sexy look to make me smile.

  • Ilona

    Because nothing spoils your stylish look more than having hairy legs clinging to that new silk satin number…I say we all need be sure to use a our Intuition, and be as smooth as silk!!! =)

  • Susan

    Lazing by the summer pool,
    hoping to make men drool,
    but not when they see the hair,
    sprouting out from everywhere!
    Let Intuition shave every nook,
    and give those men a second look!

  • melissa

    My body could do with some spring cleaning so I feel inspired (inspired of old, hairy and tired) – here, there and everywhere!

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