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Vileda cleaning hints and tips

Household cleaning specialist, Vileda, has launched an innovative Bathroom Care Range designed specifically to tackle problem areas in the bathroom, and make cleaning quicker and easier.
Notoriously the hardest room in the house to clean, the unique and clever bathroom
cleaning tools from Vileda take the grind out of cleaning the bathroom. The hero product of the range, Bath Magic, is a valuable and affordable bath, shower and tile cleaning system. It has a unique swivel head, designed to get into difficult to reach corners and an extendable handle which reduces bending and stretching.
“Vileda have developed the Bathroom Care Range to help take the hassle out of cleaning the bathroom, without the expense of hiring a cleaner,” said Vileda Head of Marketing, John Kazanas.
Whether it’s a marble palace, a simple en-suite or a functional family area in constant use, the bathroom should be a sanctuary of cleanliness and hygiene.
From a weekly wipe-over to preparing for a visit from the in-laws, Vileda’s high quality Bathroom Care Range offers the appropriate tools to put cleaning at arm’s length, leaving you with more time to enjoy the important things in life.
The Vileda Bathroom Care Range includes:
• Vileda Bath Magic, RRP: $15.99 – Designed to reduce bending and stretching
when cleaning the bathroom whilst still getting into hard to reach corners, ideal
for the shower, bath tub, tiles and glass.
• Vileda Tile and Grout Cleaner, RRP $3.99 – Designed to clean grout surfaces with
strong silver ion bristles to deactivate bacteria microbes and prevent bacteria
• Vileda Scouring Sponge, RRP: $2.99 – Highly absorbent sponge to remove soap
scrum, mould and mildew, with a microfibre chamois designed to leave glass and
tiles dry and streak free.
• Vileda Window Squeegee, RRP: $4.99 – Ideal to remove excess water on shower
screens, tiles and windows, with an extra large head to make tasks even quicker.
• Vileda General Purpose Scrubbing Brush, RRP: $3.99 – Strong nylon bristles
designed for tough tasks and removing grime.
• Vileda Toilet Brush, RRP: $8.99 – Bristles are treated with silver ions to prevent
the growth of bacteria.

Committed to making cleaning as fast and easy as possible, Vileda have also compiled their top cleaning hints and tips, available at

HelpMeClean’s Top 5 Tips include (based on the popular search requests):
1. A mix of water, vinegar and methylated spirits makes for a great all purpose
cleaning solution and a fantastic streak free clean.
2. When cleaning your bath, make sure the product isn’t too abrasive. Baths aren’t
cheap and you don’t want to damage the surface.
3. If your tiles are ceramic don’t use a soap solution as it will dull the surface with a
thin layer of scum.
4. Simply squirt some white vinegar into a bucket of hot water for a chemical-free
floor cleaner.
5. Microfibre easily cuts through grease and grime and has amazing results on
stainless steel surfaces.

Vileda products are available from major retailers. For further product information please
visit or contact consumer help line on 1800 500 513.

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