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The Vileda SWAT team made over my bathroom!

Sponsored by Nuff Nang 

The Vileda SWAT team came and cleaned my bathroom, which was very exciting. It was so super shiny afterwards; it was like it had a makeover!

I have been a fan of Vileda products for a number of years and was very excited to be asked if I would be a part of the Nuff Nang and Vileda’s new bathroom system blogging opportunity. I have been using the Vileda mops for about ten years now and I am incredibly happy with how it cleans, the mop heads last for ages without getting yukky and smelly! For about six months, I have been a fan of the Vileda all purpose cloths. You just wet it and everything comes off so easily!

With three boys, my bathroom can get very dirty. Somehow they manage to get soapy dirt and toothpaste from one end of the bathroom to the other on a daily basis, even if they haven’t been outside or brushed their teeth!! I usually do a quick wipe down of the sink with my Vileda cloth every morning but do a full clean once a week and it usually takes about an hour. You see we have a deep therapeutic spa bath and it is an absolute joy to clean (yes… that was sarcasm!). I don’t know how many times I have nearly fallen in the bath while trying to clean it.

My new cleaning best friend is the new Vileda Bath Magic. Vileda’s Bath Magic is a handy lightweight tool, designed to thoroughly clean and shine bathroom surfaces without bending or stretching. For walls, floors, mirrors, tiles, baths, showers and even ceilings, the Vileda Bath Magic allows access to all areas without getting too physical. Instead of breaking my back and nearly falling into the bath to get into the hard to reach bits, the bath magic swivels and turns to fit into the corners of the bath and it literally takes me a couple of minutes to clean the bath. You can even add a soft cleaning cloth to the Velcro to clean delicate surfaces.

The handy diamond shaped, removable cloth easily cleans around the spa jets.  The tiled walls were also easily cleaned within minutes.
 The shower was transformed by using the tile and grout
cleaning brush, I could actually get around the recess channel (which is around the front of the shower), usually I use a rolled up piece of paper towel with cleaner sprayed on it. The tile and grout cleaner is much easier!
The bathroom care sponge was excellent for cleaning the shower and glass, no more harsh chemical sprays which I smell for nearly a week after cleaning. I swear I can smell bleach for days after using it! The Vileda bathroom care sponge easily cleaned the shower and sick without any streaks. The Non-Scratch Scourer removes soap scum, mould and mildew.
I have left the Vileda Squeegee in the shower, so whoever has a shower can quickly wipe the water off the glass doors/ walls and hopefully, then I don’t have to try and remove water marks later on. It has a large head, so it is even quicker to use.

The Vileda scrubbing brush is great for cleaning the grout on the floors, especially if you have light grey tile grout like we do which shows up every little mark.

The Vileda toilet brush has bristles treated with silver ions to stop bacteria growth and comes with its own stand. Easy to clean too, this is great when you have boys.

Did you know that the majority of Australians*, clean their bathroom once a week (73%), spend 0‐30 mins (59%) or up to an hour (36%) cleaning their bathroom (that’s me!), weekday morning is the most popular time to clean (33%) followed closely by ‘when they can find the time’ (29%)

• If they had the choice, almost a third (31%) would prefer to spend time with their partner and loved ones and 17% would catch up with their friends
• The bathroom is the worst room in the house to clean (67%) followed by the kitchen (24%)
• Almost two‐thirds (61%) of Australians think it takes too long to clean the bathroom
*As per Vileda Survey of 598 people.
The New Vileda Bathroom range saves a lot of time on cleaning and saves money on expensive products and sponges.  Not to mention a lot healthier way of cleaning, no more strong cleaning smells. I highly recommend the range.



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