Where have I been?

As you might of noticed, posts on this site have been a bit few and far between lately. I actually had a reader tweet me today and tell me that they love Mummy of Style and Substance and I need to get my mummy mojo back ūüôā ¬†Thank you, Jo! It was just the incentive to keep motivated x

¬†I had been sick with the flu and a chest infection which took over a month to get rid of and I haven’t really bounced back from it. The last few weeks I have been suffering badly with depression and couldn’t work out why. I just couldn’t snap myself out of it like I usually can. I had also been extremely tired/ stressed¬†would snap at my husband and kids over the smallest things. Working from home and being a SAHM hasn’t really helped either as social isolation is the worst thing you can do if you have depression. After spending the weekend out and about I feel a lot better. By Monday I felt better enough to realise that I need to do something about how I was feeling and work out why I was feeling the way I was.¬†I can’t be an effective mother if I can’t function properly or look after myself properly…

OK, I would be the first person to agree that this year has not been a fantastic one for me.
My mother has been extremely ill with secondary cancer (she originally had breast cancer, which has spread to her spine, ribs and hips). Mum nearly died a few months ago from her kidneys failing and a build up of morphine in her body and last Christmas we nearly lost her due to medical malpractice. The hospital had put a port in her chest for her chemotherapy but had punctured her lung in the process which caused her lung to collapse and a nasty infection took over her lungs. So it has been an emotional rollercoaster ride to say the least.
Being a mother of three boys is demanding enough as it is but having two with special needs is even more demanding. I have Mr 15 who has ADHD and as any mother of a teenager will tell you, they aren’t exactly a joy to live with at the best of times, especially one who has ADHD. The attitude etc we get from him is unbelievable but it is getting better as he is getting older. He has a part time job on the weekends and that has helped a lot. He has mellowed a bit and can be quite helpful, when he wants to be.
Mr 8 has Aspergers Syndrome, which I have written about before¬†here.¬†Mr 8 requires regular appointments with his psychologist, school and working with him at home on his behaviours/ therapies and to stop him and Mr 6 from killing each other, when things don’t go Mr 8’s way or he wants to be left alone and Mr 6 doesn’t understand about wanting to be alone because he is totally the opposite. He¬†loves heaps of attention and doesn’t like playing on his own. ¬†Normal for the baby of the family, yes?
Throw in house renovations/ redecorating, housework, trying to run two businesses, trying to fit in seeing friends and family and that is pretty much my life. I have no idea why I nearly ended up in a heap, do you?
So after much researching, I have come to the conclusion that my Hashimoto’s Disease/ Hypothyroidism is playing up. Having been sick, rundown and stressed for so long hasn’t been to kind on my autoimmune system. Depression, tiredness, headaches and generally feeling blah go hand and hand with thyroid issues. Like most patients, all I have been told by my GP and Endocrinologist is to take Thyroxine and go back every 6 months to get blood tests done and they will adjust my medication accordingly. Hmm that doesn’t help with the upps and down of living with an autoimmune disease, does it? One day you feel great, then next you feel like you have been hit by a truck.. so exhausted and achy that all you want to do is sleep.

It is now my mission to look after myself…. not just for me but for the boys too. I’m sure they want a mum who has energy to run around with them and not complain of having a headache so they should shhhh! all the time.
I have started a gluten free, low GI diet which mainly consists of a lot of fruit and vegies, lean meat, yoghurt, nuts etc. Plus lots of water! Avoiding processed foods, sugar and carbs.

Rough meal plan-

Coffee (I couldn’t give this up… one has to have at least one vice, right?).
Freedom gluten free muesli with low fat milk
scrambled eggs

Valia Yoghurt and a piece of fruit or meat and salad or soup or a gluten free wrap.

Meat and vegies or
Stirfies or
Tuna patties or
gluten free pasta with sauce etc.

Snacks: fruit, nuts, cheese, gluten free crackers or rice crackers.

I have also started walking our dog, Roxie, in the morning and walk (or pick up) the boys from school. Best thing for me is to exercise outdoors!! Apparently, only gentle exercise is recommended as it effects the levels of hormones in your body if you exercise too much.

So I will keep you posted on how I am going with it all ūüôā Thank you all for your support over the last month or two, it really has been appreciated x

Oh and I have to thank the lovely Sarah Wilson for her fantastic blog! Without her posting about her everyday journeys of living and dealing with an autoimmune disease I would not know half of the information I do now. Sarah’s blog has a bit of everything on there, definitely worth a read.¬†http://www.sarahwilson.com.au/

And I also have to thank, Nikki Parkinson from Styling You¬†for her words of wisdom regarding her thyroid journey and putting me onto Sarah’s site! I would also like to congratulate Nikki on her nomination at the Beauty Directory Star Awards for best beauty blog post. Well done! xx


  • Stacey

    Wow sweets, you have ALOT on your plate and have been doing SO WELL considering all of this.

    Am SO SO SO glad to hear you are putting yourself first, can totally relate to the whole work at home juggle {sending you a little pressie, check your inbox!}

    Take care of YOU and look forward to reading about the journey and return of your mojo ūüôā

    Stace x

  • Sarah

    Oh hon, that’s alot to deal with. Hugs and love. I think you’ve been amazing to cope so well. xxx

  • Ms Styling You

    Hi Kellie, thanks so much for the call-out. And as you know, I know it’s a long process. I made some radical changes to my life in January this year (yes, even gave up the coffee). I live this way most of the time now and can tell when I’m having a thyroidy day and need to batten down the hatches. I’ve been on medication for it for 12 years and am now resistant to thyroxine (there’s a blood test for this, ask your GP to look it up!), so take tetroxine as well. Sarah’s posts and me visiting my own natural therapies practitioners has helped immensely. A long way to go but at least I think I’m getting somewhere. I do FEEL BETTER most days and that’s a huge bonus. This time last year I was getting sick every 3 weeks from hard core personal training, which I now know was just overloading my adrenals beyond capacity. Walking, yoga and a weights program is now best for me.
    Good luck and thanks for sharing on your blog. Consider your mojo returned!

  • Rosa Piciocco

    Mwah…..Wish I could give you a big hug but for now here is a big squeezy one ( )! Wonderful to post about this as I am sure you are not alone and awareness will help others feeling the same way. You are amazing to do what you do and have so much on your plate. Being a MUM is a precious job with lots of rewards and also lots of responsibility and worries.

    I lost my Mum to Cancer and I know what you are going through and I pray that your mother’s suffering is not too great. It’s a HORRIBLE disease!

    As I can’t have wheat I am on a gluten free diet so if you run out of foods/treats to eat – give me a hoy! x

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