11 Ways To Add Colour To Your Wardrobe

Using colour correctly can transform any outfit, no matter what you wear. Whether it is a bright dress, a gold bracelet, or even a pink hair band, pops of colour will always be better than a neutral outfit. 

While Natori’s luxury caftans have all the colours you may want, you might want to add some more brightness to your wardrobe. Here are 12 ways to add colour to your wardrobe and bring new life to your wardrobe. 

Use Neutral Backdrops

If you aren’t used to wearing colours, the best thing is to put together a neutral outfit and change one item to something colourful. You can still get the effect of wearing colour, even if it is a small amount against a white, grey, or black backdrop.  


T-shirts are one of the best and easiest ways to add colour because you can wear them on their own, and you can layer them. T-shirts also come in various shapes and designs, and you can either accentuate their colour or use them as a frame of sorts. 


Another brilliant way to add colour is to wear bright and colourful socks. Companies like Stance have taken over the market in patterned and coloured socks, creating pairs that are almost art-like in appearance. 

These socks can also be worn with more formal outfits like a suit. While it is subtle, it is still very noticeable when you walk, and you see your bright blue or pink socks sticking out from under your pants, and it’s a small touch that makes a big difference. 


Sneakers were designed to stand out and be noticed. Whether it’s a pair of Chuck Taylor’s or Air Jordans, depending on the shoe you are wearing; people will look at those long before they look at your outfit. 

Using sneakers to add colour also comes with a lot of freedom as, more often than not, you don’t have to match the sneaker to the outfit unless you want to.


Handbags & Backpacks

Colourful accessories are another route you can take if you want a pop of colour and not something more full-on. Much like sneakers, there is no need to match the bag or backpack to the outfit, and you can wear whatever you want. 

There are many looks where a bag clashing with the outfit is the point, as it makes both the bag and the look stand out. 

Statement Scarves

Winter is often a time for more muted and neutral colour palettes. We see more greys, blacks, and off whites, and a lot of the time, bright colour is kept to a minimum. However, don’t let the cold weather get you down; you can still have that colour burst you want. 

Statement scarves are one of the best accessories for brightening up a Winter outfit and giving yourself a Summer glow. Speaking of Summer, silk scarves do the same job, and you can wear them around your neck or over your hair for the same effect. 


When it comes to golds and silvers, many people feel that wearing gold or silver tops or dresses is a bit too bold for them. However, you only need a small touch of either to get the look you want. 

Experiment with wearing gold and silver statement jewellery and seeing which goes best with other colours. For example, gold and green go very well together, allowing you to have a beautiful green skirt or dress, with a gold necklace standing out against it. 

Pair colours

Once you get into wearing colours, the next step you may want to make is mixing and matching them. A big mistake many people make is getting their colour combinations wrong, and it can be very noticeable when you put the outfit on. 

When pairing colours, always choose colours that are on opposite sides of the colour wheel. This is a standard practice in interior design and art, as opposite colours complement each other. While this rule isn’t always true, it is a good baseline to keep in mind. 

Muted colours

After you have read all of this, maybe you still aren’t certain about bold and bright colours. A good transition palette is to wear muted colours, and pastels, for example. These colours are more toned down but are easier to style and mix and match if you want.  

Monochromatic Looks 

On the other hand, another way to wear colour is to commit and wear a monochromatic outfit fully. A classic example of this is the denim on denim look of the 80s, but you can modernise it however you choose. 

Dark reds and greens look amazing in full outfits in particular, whether it is a pantsuit or a shirt and pants. Mixing shades of the same colour is also very trendy and can add layers and different highlights to your outfit. 


Prints are another bold way to add colour to any outfit. Whether it be a printed skirt or a printed shirt under a suit, they are the next level in wearing colour. You can also mix prints and colours together; while not everything will go together, there are far more combinations than you may think.