3 Easy and Inexpensive Ways To Soundproof Your Room

The home should be where you can rest after a hard day of work. However, this is becoming quite difficult with the constant noise around. This is even more apparent if you work from home and require solitude.

Some people don’t like the idea of using noise-cancelling headphones every day. So to reduce the noise, you have to soundproof your rooms to silence the sounds of sirens, traffic, honking horns, aeroplanes, and other noise pollution that might occur in and around your home. 

Let’s find out the inexpensive and easy ways that you can soundproof your room.

Use soft materials

Soft materials such as curtains, blankets, and rugs can help absorb noise. Sounds travel in waves, which in turn results in vibrations. Hard materials such as metal can amplify sound waves. 

Conversely, soft and dense materials such as pillows and blankets can absorb them. An excellent way to soundproof your room would be to increase the number of materials you have in your home. 

Though temporary, it is a perfect method for people with a lower budget. However, if you live in a city like New York, with all its bustle and hustle, you can use soundproof windows NYC to get the most sound-deadening effect.

Add acoustic panels

An acoustic panel is a wood frame filled with foam that absorbs noise frequencies. An acoustic panel can soundproof your room while reducing echoes and ensuring you don’t hear noise coming from the other side of your wall. 

A soundproof wall panel can block out the noise from an adjacent room. This is very helpful in condos, apartment buildings, and homes with many residents. You can find acoustic panels in several sizes and colours. 

So, you could customize and integrate them into the decoration of your room you intend to soundproof. Like a picture frame, you can also place an acoustic panel on your wall. This option is great for people who cannot implement a permanent solution.

Use door soundproofing methods

Doors are one of the top places that let noise enter or leave a house. You can also tightly seal interior doors to stop noise from passing through. You can put weather stripping on your door to ensure a tight seal is created, which would help reduce noise. 

Weatherstripping does not affect your door in any way, and you can also remove it. This makes it perfect for renters. You can also add a soundproofing blanket on your door’s back. It will help absorb sounds without affecting the door in any way. 

Finally, if you want the effect to be big, you can use a fibre door instead of a hollow one. Fibre doors have soundproofing foams at the centre. 

Final Words 

Irrespective of the noise, blasting car stereos, noise from trucks, or even foot traffic noise outside your window, the city noise can be very draining. Many people find this hubbub around their homes very infuriating. 

So, if you fall among such people and intend to find easy ways to soundproof your home, then you can follow the tips mentioned above.