5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Play Wordle

Wordle is an excellent game to improve the cognitive skills of adults. Many people are sharing their game success on social media. The game provides you with one level every day. The game presents you with some rows to guess a five-letter word. If you found the word correctly, the box will turn green. If you guessed the word correctly and the position is wrong, it will turn yellow.

When you are wrong about the word and the position, the box will turn grey. You have to make all the boxes green to win the game. Most people think that the Wordle is for adults only. The latest research shows that Wordle can provide many benefits for the kids also. We have compiled a list of game benefits for the kids.

Memory Improvement

Kids have to learn new words to win the game. When a child is serious about a game, he will use all sources to learn about the game. When the Wordle presents new words to the kids, they will search for them on the internet. They will also try to memorize new words to win the game.

The kids are not doing it as a hectic task. It is a fun-filled game. Learning new words willingly can boost a kid’s memory. Kids will try to memorize as many words as possible to get the game perks. It may not give a memory-boosting effect in a few days.

You will notice some changes when your kids keep playing the game for a few months. Kids may perform better in studies also due to memory boost and better vocabulary.

Better Social Connections

This game has made many top trends on social media. People like to post their success stories on social media. When you post your Wordle wins on social media, you will get a positive response from everyone around you. Kids can join the community of the Wordle. 

The game has an active community on social media. Kids will move towards intellectual people on social media as these people praise the game wins more than others. It is a game for the people of high intellect. 

When they discuss the game at school, more kids with better intellect become their friends. It will help them make better social connections on social media and in schools.

Enhance problem-solving skills

Wordle involves guessing the 5-letter word with a better vocabulary. It also involves problem-solving. If a person does not have problem-solving skills, he cannot solve any puzzles. Kids do not have an efficient brain. 

They tend to make mistakes in the game. When they will play the game for some time, it will enhance their problem-solving skills. All the word and puzzle games enhance problem-solving skills. Wordle is one of the best games in this category. 

Kids can employ these skills in their life to excel in their studies. The demand for problem-solving skills is increasing every day. Elon Musk also likes to ask problem-solving related questions during the hiring process.


The game presents you with a word every day. It is a type of game ritual. When your kids get one word daily, they will form a habit of playing the game. Kids were not going to school due to the pandemic. 

It was easy for them to waste time because there was no routine these days. Wordle presented a way to start the day with expectations.

Kids who played Wordle did not spend much time in front of the TV. It increases the consistency in the kids. They will form better habits because of the game. 

Promotes Critical Thinking

Our minds are excellent at automation. The brain will try to automate every step of your life to avoid excessive energy loss. Kids also follow simple routines as their minds do not let them think critically. 

When they play Wordle, they have to think out of the box. It will promote critical thinking in the kids. There is no way your brain can automate the gameplay as you will get a new word every day. Your kids will analyze a situation better when they play this game. 

The world needs people who can think out of the box. It can become one of the tools for your kid’s future success.