5 Soothing Decorating Ideas to Help You Unwind After a Hectic day

Considering the hectic lives created by the modern-day work culture, unwinding ourselves from work pressure and stress becomes crucial. We often get so caught up in our busy lives that we forget to take a pause and have some much-needed relaxation. 

And since a home is our sanctuary and where we spend most of our time, you can find ways to make your house environment calming to help you relax every day. And the best way to do this is to focus on your furniture and decor items. Here we have shared five soothing decorating ideas to help your mind unwind and relax. 

Choose a Neutral Palette 

neutral home

While many people think that bright colours excite a space, go with muted and neutral tones if you prefer a calm setting. Light or neutral shades are easier on the eye and promote sanctuary-like vibes. And you do not have to be bored with the colours; you can choose to make use of texture to create interest. 

Clockwise:  MyHouse Metal Timber Side Table, Freedom MOMBA Fabric Sofa, Alex Liddy Textured Throw, Freedom Cancun mirror, Ambrosia Rustic Paulownia Wood Heart Tray and Home Beautiful Foundation Cushion.

Bring Positive Energy With Scented Candles 

Science suggests that scented candles can have a great role in influencing one’s mood, stress, productivity, and overall mental health of an individual. After hustling for an entire day, when you get back home and spend a quiet hour in space with scented candles, it promotes your emotional state and makes your head feel easy and light. 

Clockwise: Freedom Barossa Candle, Maison Blanche Vanilla and Cacao candle, Salt and Pepper Wunderlust New York Candle, Glasshouse Fragrances Marseille Memoir Candle and Ecoya Vanilla Bean Candle.

Crystals and Healing Stones 

Wellness gurus believe that crystals are powerful transmitters of the earth’s healing power. Different crystals and healing stones have their own properties, which help keep negative energy at bay and promote an individual’s overall wellbeing. For instance, quartz crystals in the form of an agate platter and rose quartz stones make a great choice for decor and also soothe anxiety to improve your mental status. 

Go Green With the Space 

Another splendid idea is to fill your home with a variety of indoor and outdoor plants. Though we all know plants bring a positive aura and promote wellness, very few people actually utilize this superpower that plants have. Even studies conducted on the nature of plants suggest that in-house plants may help reduce stress levels and can also sharpen your attention. Moreover, if you’re a plant lover, looking after them and watering them will be a therapeutic experience for you. And guess what? Apart from being a show-stopper in space, plants can also help recover from an illness faster. If you don’t want to get into the hustle of taking care of your plants, you can buy plants that require little to no maintenance. 

Play With Lighting 

Lighting can have a significant impact on your mood. Even science supports that light-coloured lighting can make a person feel relaxed, promoting quality sleep. Our brain perceives dark surroundings quite well, which allows your pineal gland to come into action by producing melatonin levels to induce sleep. So, spending your time in bright lighting can adversely affect your sleep-wake cycle and hence overall quality of life. 

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Bottom Line 

Stress is a common emotion in everyone’s life. While we can’t control the external factors that induce stress and anxiety, what we can do is invest in self-care to focus and perform better in life.